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Tips and questions about edibles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by petboy455, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I don't know if this is the right forum. But I have some old shake. At least more than a couple months old and I am planning on making some no-cook firecrackers. Does anyone have tips for doing this. Is it possible to lose potency? All will help. Thanks in advance. :bongin:
  2. cook them. wont really work otherwise
  3. Oh, I heard if you let them sit on a shelf for a couple days ir would ne more effective.
  4. nope. its the heat that helps the thc get absorbed. it still may work. but not even close to as it would if you cook it
  5. I heard it can work, I've also heard of many failed atempts but why wouldn't you want to cook it?
  6. I just heard it increases the potency.
  7. it doesnt, its so unlikely to work (it can, you just gotta get it all right and crap). just cook them man then itll work. just cook them though man its not worth the risk of wasting if you dont get it right with leaving them out.

    i dont think it loses potency really, i mean i keep mine for a while anyways, its always dark but not airtight.
  8. I've had one sitting in my drawer wrapped in foil for almost two weeks, i never cooked it though.i put a bunch of weed in it so I'm saving it for a special occasion hopefully it works!
  9. cook it before you eat it, just trust me.
    hey if you combine both you cant go wrong period!
  10. you have to cook edibles for them to work unless theyre made with butter or oil that was already activated
  11. Weed can lose potency yes, but even shit weed in edible form will get you stoned.
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    you cannot just eat weed our body does not have the enzyme in our stomachs to break it up and process it. You need to decorboxyalize the weed so we can digest it properly. Also when you properly cook it your body will change the thc into 11-thc which is much more potent. Eating marijuana without cooking it is just a waste your will be absorbing so little compared to what is there.
  13. Just add the shake to some coco oil. Will work much much better trust me.
  14. Heat is NOT needed in making edibles. It speeds up the process tenfold, but that wasn't the question. If you put peanut butter on both sides of the crackers then put some olive oil on them then spread the weed around on both crackers with your fingers (the oil makes the weed not stick to your fingers) making sure the bud has a very good surface area ratio. Stick them together, wrap in in foil, and let them sit for a week or two. Remember though, the longer you wait before you eat them, the more potent they will be.
  15. Think about what you just said... 2 week old cracker with peanut butter in your drawer...
    You're going to get sick bro..
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    Like Klauck said, you will have MUCH better and more reliable effects using a pure solvent, especially if you're relying on a sit-out method..

    Consider this: peanut butter is less than half fat, and PURE peanut oil is still an inferior 'edible solvent' and absorptive vehicle for cannabis glandular material, compared to many other common household fat sources.

    Firecrackers are quickie edibles, made for folks who are in a rush, who don't mind sacrificing potency in exchange for the stealth, simplicity and speed of the process... while it's possible to get an effect, using a sit-out method with a PB firecracker sort of defeats the purpose!

    At that point you may as well use the best materials or ingredients you can!

    And be sure you decarb or 'over-dry' your herb first... check the edible section of the forums for help, it's just a matter of 20 - 30 minutes sealed in foil, at 220 f (less if your herb is obviously old and it has perhaps crossed a few borders while getting to you, and more if it's so fresh, that it's still damp). :)
    If you really can't use your oven, a packet of foil containing your herb, set by your warm computer vent for an hour will do.. it's not perfect, but it's better than skipping the step entirely. It's not very hot, but decarboxylation happens slowly even at room temp, and rapidly (or even instantly according to several potency analysis labs) at temps exceeding 200 f.
    A much more harsh, and less reliable 'quickie' method would be simply sealing your ground herb up in foil, then quickly running your lighter underneath. You don't want to produce vapor.. if you see any escaping, it's not completely ruined, but it's MORE than done decarbing!

    If you can't get coconut oil, palm kernel oil, or even MCT oil in the health and vitamin section of your local grocery store, clarified butter would still be better than peanut butter, and better than even olive oil (even normal 'table' butter can be left out for a period of days, to weeks, without going rancid if it's sealed, but clarified butter which has had its milk solids and water content removed can last for months and months, and if bottled after heating even years, without refrigeration.. it has more saturated fat than peanut butter, and even peanut oil, plus it contains a small number of the medium-chain triglycerides ((MCTs)) which promote rapid absorption through the portal vein and liver, facilitating and allowing for the conversion from D9THC to the more powerful 11-OH-THC, while peanut butter and its oil has none, and it primarily bypasses the liver, resulting in a more mild and shorter-lived experience.).


    Long story short, just bottle up your finely ground and decarbed herb with a little oil (any little, and clean glass jar with a lid, will do), just enough oil to saturate the herb if you plan on eating 'the whole lot', inert plant matter included. And again, leaving it by your warm computer vent to keep it warm and more of a 'liquid', rather than solid, is a good idea especially with coconut oil, and the same with butter.

    Once encased in oil, your herb now has a MUCH longer shelf life and will not degrade as rapidly as it would when exposed to room-temp conditions, or heat, so feel free to keep it gently warmed by your vent for up to a week. If you make a lot, which I recommend especially after investing so much time in a sit-out method, you can just take sample doses (no sooner than the first 5 days of sitting), and stop heating it by your vent when it's just right. :)

    You can easily use that mixture, with a little cocoa powder, powdered milk (or not, entirely up to you), powdered sugar, and a few drops of vanilla to make Canna Truffles in the privacy of your own dorm room...

    That's no cooking at all, oil to edible, from start to finish. :)

    You can be as fancy or as simple with them as you like, you can coat them with nuts, sesame seeds, cocoa powder or sugar.... a ' 1 : 1 ' ratio of cocoa powder and powdered sugar is a starting point, however, sometimes I like them dark, and sometimes I like them 'light' and sweet! So I'll leave the ratios up to you, you may want more or less of one or the other, depending on how you like your chocolate. Fruity and coffee flavors can be added as well, smokey sweet and salt bacon flavored truffles are also surprisingly tasty. :D





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