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Tips after quiting

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ratt0n, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I just recently quite smoking. I was a multiple time a day smoker. I am not permanently quiting. i just have other things that need more attention at the moment. But my problem is for the past few days since i quit it has been extremely hard to sleep and to eat. i have no appetite at all. i have to force myself to eat and cant eat much. also i used to get in bed and go to sleep right away, last night it took me over 3 hours. i really need help, any and all advice is much appreciated.
  2. this happens to all of us my friend. don't worry though, youll be back to your previous sleeping patterns within a week
    until then, i recommend lots and lots of exercise so when night time comes around, your body will be exhausted
  3. get some melatonin for the sleeping, I think its a over the counter drug in the US and its safe. We give it to my daughter to help assist her sleep, I recently took a break and the odd time I struggled I popped one of her pills and after 20 mins was fast asleep.

    It isnt a sedative, it just gently pushes you off to sleep, doenst keep you asleep or anything.

  4. thanks for the advice, definatly should help.

  5. would i become dependent on it to sleep, or would it not effect me if i took it for a while then stopped.
  6. I personally do use "sleeping aids" but very very moderately.
    For example, say I run out of weed one day but I'm picking some up tomorrow, on instances like that I'd pop a sleeping aid. As for during actual T-breaks that last from 1-4 weeks, no way.
    Sleeping Aid's are the silent killers in my opinion.
  7. just deal with it, it only lasts for 2-3 days, everyone goes through it
  8. I don't o_O... Is this a psychological problem because I could quit and be fine like I haven't smoked at all. Have you depended on weed to make you sleep?
  9. It depends on how long you have been smoking..but I think most people go through a similar experience with having trouble getting to sleep those first days after quitting. I can't say I've heard of or experienced myself difficulty eating after quitting, but everyone is a bit different. Just let a couple days go by, and you will feel fine I'm sure!
  10. Just don't sweat it bro, relax get some exercise so you are more tired develop regular sleeping habbits going to bed at around same time. Don't worry about eating your appetitie will come back. During the summer I didn't have a lot of connects back home so I would smoke, stop after a while...smoke again...and so forth. And yes eating and sleeping are affected just try not to think about it too much and eat when you're hungry...don't focus on how much you've were over eating when you smoked...unless you eat a spoon full of rice and 3 M&M's as're not going to die.

  11. This^^same happends to will be over in a week...its shock to your body...dont worry :)
  12. drink lots of water. try to work out/run for about an hour a day. or you can do what i do sometimes and go for a late night run then hit the sack.
  13. get water, exercise, omega 3s (fish oil), tylenol pm, and a hobby. Good luck, cause it can be very hard.
  14. Its all in your head. I quit for about 3 months after smoking for two years and didnt feel any different at all. Ive done this twice now. If you do start backup again, dont smoke 3 times a day everyday for a year which is probably what you have been doing to get these effects. Moderation is key my friend.

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