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  1. Hey guys, this is my first time growing, I'm just waiting on 2 of my plants to revert back to vegetative stage so I can clone them before I go about this, Just want some advice on what things I can do to ensure my plants are at their prime before I take cuttings (I'm in no rush to flower, can even grow these out for 2-3 more weeks if I have too). I have been using the 3-in-1 PH reader which keeps suggesting my soil is at PH 8, so I've been experimenting watering it with 5.5PH and using additives to increase the acidity (I feel as if the meter isn't very accurate) and perhaps since using it I may have caused a bit of damage to my plants by changing the PH in the water I've been feeding them with. But since this is my first grow I'd like to ensure that all the plants are at optimum levels before I clone them, so I can continue the generations with quality grows. I know it's hard to tell from just photos but I'd really appreciate any sort of inputs I'm able to get. I use canna-terra soil and use canna-vega and flora nutrients.

    Thanks heaps in advance.

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  2. Go hydro and you won't have those problems with PH etc...
  3. I dont think there is such thing as a "perfect grow" because of variation between phenos
    but you can only give them the best available to you.
    feeding ph rh temps night and day ec ppm good air ventilation fans and you wont go far wrong

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