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Tips 4 Getting THC out Fast!!! drug tests

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by WHITEGHOST0615, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Well I've been trying to figure out good ways to help clean out your system fast because as we all know THC technically takes just about a month. I've been looking around trying to find fast easy ways to minimize the amount of time i have to stay clean :smoking:. I'm guilty of being the 1 of the 6,000,000 (exageration i'm sure) people who smoke pot dailly, hell i smoke pot twice a day, hell three times on a slow day :bongin:. So i got to looking and, below are things that will help you clean out much faster when trying to pass a piss test.

    Sure we all know to drink water, but I bet most of you over do it and just dillute everything. If you're trying to clean out then you don't want to just be pissing out water, you need to be getting rid of all the shit that's inside of you so here's what you should do. Drink 12 to 16oz of water atmost every hour. This will make you piss more, but won't over do it. The day of testing and maybe the day before you will want to slow down your water intake to about 12oz of water every hour and a half. You don't want to dillute your sample unless you really need to, so this is to not get your test back dilluted so you have to retake it, but to keep your piss less concentrated and stay just below the dillution level.

    Cardiovascular Exercise
    Working out, running, jogging, anything that gets you active and burns fat will loosen up the THC in the fat cells and you will piss out more of the stuff you don't want in you. Remember though that you will want to stop working out atleast 48 hours before your test, because you don't want your piss to be flooded with the very thing you've been rushing out of your body. Eat unhealthily for these 2 days and get your body back into a fat storing mode.

    "Pill poppin"
    Go buy some diet pills, yellow jackets, whatever you get that will speed up your metabolism because the more fat you burn the better. Have fun with this one because you shouldn't be getting high right now so I know you'll want to do something else during that time. Be responsible though.

    Taking 4 aspirin before your test WILL help you out.
    According to Jeff Nightbyrd, there is testing industry data that taking 4 aspirins a few hours prior to the test might help you. ". . . aspirin interferes with the Syvia [sic] EMIT assay. It seems that aspirin absorbs at the same wavelength that NAD does which is how it interferes with the assay" (Clin Chem 34 (90) 602-606). Two reliable sources have tested aspirin and found it to interfere with the EMIT. In the future they will try to find a way to circumvent this test flaw. Until then, I certainly recommend taking advantage of the situation and using aspirin.
    Although it is no miracle drug, it will lower the count some and if it can't hurt you, it can only help.

    I got this from another forum site, so i copied, but that poster had this tip- "Just as a little tip, your first 3 pisses of the day will will have the highest count of THC in it, so when taking your test, make sure that you've atleast gone a couple times before you get there. Hope this helps you some of you out." ;

    resurrect-joemomma =--

    I figured i should give his quote, a quote, so the more experienced folk who wonna scruttinize any peaceful knowledge sharing want be able to nay-say my post. please every one, share the love, help legalize, look up your city and go to the legalization march, this May 1st of 2010' and try to help advertice it, more and more people learn about it every year, its not hard to get a friend to join you either. :hello::gc_rocks:

  2. aspirin thing seems pretty cool
  3. ya i thought so too, i wish i could take credit for this, but i just really wanted to share that, cuz its good.
  4. There are a dozen threads like this already...and none of that really works reliably at all. The only way to be 100% sure of beating a test is to abstain or use fake urine.
  5. Dude, i was getting piss tested 2 times a week and i still baked at least 5 times a week. heres my proven method of passing drug tests

    Get vitamin B-3 (aka niacin) this works by going into the blood stream and LITERALLY burning up all the thc particles in your fat cells (the feeling is quite uncomfortable, somewhat like sunburn) but it is possible to buy "flush-free" niacin which wont have the physical side effects, i remember buying it at Target.

    Second-Cranberry pills, they help you pis alot and cleanse it.

    DRINK LOTS OF WATER...at least 8 oz an hour

    if you do all these, youre in the fucking clear bro

    hope i helped!
  6. It's NOT a 'proven' method. You got lucky.

    I get so sick of seeing people giving 'sure' advice about drug tests when there IS NONE other than to ABSTAIN.
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    So would that be to stop smoking weed about a month before a known drug test? Obviously it's different for alot of people, but you know what I mean
  8. Yeah a month is a safe bet for most people.
  9. I usually drink Cranberry juice on the regular when I'm not smoking. It does infact make you piss alot and it looks clear, yet not as clear as water(therefore this is a good thing to do.) +I have HIGH metabolism and almost no fat on me. lol I'm 20 5 foot 8 and weigh MAYBE 100 pounds. 110 at the most.(fully clothed)
  10. I was afraid of that.

  11. I'm sure a lot of weed smokers don't smoke up more than about a gram a day some even less, for those people it can be helpful to try to detox, it makes it easier to keep your mind from smoking and allows you to flush out the crap that is in your body.

    my advice is to drink green tea daily its cheap, taste alright and has enormous benefits besides detoxing, cranberry juice is great for cleansing the urinary tract, though not proven it did help me pass in 10 day's after 1-2 months of daily smoking about an ounce and a half total.
  12. my girl friend is on this right now, and its extremely uncomfortable and yes, is is just like sunburn. she says her heart is pumping, and that she feels like shes been working in above 200 degree.... she was instryucted by the bottle to take 5000 mlg. but she only tooke 2000 mlg.

  13. DO NOT take 2000 MG of niacin in one day!!! let alone 5000! Niacin in that high of amounts can cause severe liver damage and even DEATH. I think your girlfriend may have misread the label, as 500mg a day is the maximum recommended dose without doctor supervision. I hope nothing bad has already happened, but please advise her to at least half her dosage, I dont want to see a fellow toker die or have health consequences trying to detox :p

    happy tokiin :smoking:

  14. Do NOT take this person's advice. The bolded part is totally false, and too much niacin can cause serious health problems.
  15. No water and tartar sauce is for coke, cat shit and orange juice is for weed
  16. Aww Lol, I'm ok. No worries! I read somewhere to take 5000 mg but I didn't. I only took 1000 (Yes, I know it's more than 500) but nothing happened, I just got red and itchy. :] Just wanted to experience it for myself seeing as all the advice I have been getting on it is 50/50.
  17. I'm tired of people arguing over the niacin method all the time. Everyone is just trying to help each other out.

    Say what you want about the niacin method, I could care less. I'm just saying it has worked for me.

    My method:
    Green Tea

    I don't have it measured out by any means of what I exactly do. But I get "randomly" tested every three weeks or so. So I smoke for about 2 and half weeks and detox for a few days. I haven't failed a test in the last year by using this method. Some tips I have would be to take the Niacin as your going to bed. So you just sleep through the uncomfortable feeling. It works all the time for me. Granted, I'm not a dumby and take 5349857398 mg of niacin like everyone says. I just take one a night. (250 mg) Green tea supposedly speeds up your metabolism so I drink a cup almost every other morning. Best of Luck to everyone.
  18. TheTree has got it right. its very obvios that there is no sure method, just like there are no two identical finger prints. We are all different and nobody would forget that.
  19. good to hear! i usually take a 500mg when I wake up and sometimes when I go to bed. other than that, I just exercise a little and drink lots of water. works for me :smoking:
  20. 2000mg of Niacin is a lot, but its probably not lethal or anything like that.... the only things I've seen say that taking over 5000mg in the span of 36 hours causes life-threatening issues.

    I can't take niacin - i break out in a rash.

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