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[Tips] 2 Stoners.. 1 gram [WTF?!?!]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bombr, May 11, 2011.

  1. Sup guys.. so check it out yooo

    me n tha hommie got about a gram.. 2 different strains but both pretty top notch budskeez..

    So were basicly gonna be in my backroom (disconected from house)

    And we have a few diff methods were gonna be using...

    1. Glass Peice
    2.Homemade Bucket Grav Bong.
    3.vaporizing (through peice)

    so heres my questions

    1. Would i be able to vaporize my weed. with my Cheap glass pipe.. (i vape resin just light the bottom and it smokes nicely pretty fast 2).. if i just put a lil nug at the bottom n try to vape how succesful am i gonna be? any tips?

    any other tips you guys might have to insure we get super faded ;] and conserveee!

  2. A grav is gonna suck that bud up real fast... Honestly... I can't think of anything to conserve, just pack a bowl and take turns?
  3. each of you pack half on bowls try and make the gram last 3 maybe 4 bowls?
  4. Back when I lived in Singapore bud was so expensive, everyone over there would mix it with tobacco and chop it up finely using siccors. I still do it today and I live in the States. When you hit one of those bowls it hits you right in the dome and then spreads all over and you get this body high. They came out with some study saying smoking tobacco with your bud actually get's you higher I don't remember how but there's something about a combination of the two.

    Being a stoner in Singapore gave me the ability to get away with smoking anywhere. It is the most sketched out fucked up place to be if your smoking bud.
  5. Hmmm....all the more reason for me to be planning a vacation there...Any advice on where I can get me some bud there??
  6. Dude. If you don't live there or no anyone there is no way your getting hooked up. It's really hard getting to know the right people. The guys that are involved in the bud selling also push all the other hard drugs too. The dealer over there was the most reliable one I've met there and he was wanted for going AWOL on national service. So I had to pick up my green from a guy who was on the run for a year. The scene is so sketched out. I get patted down at the airport ever since I moved back to the states when I go back to visit my parents, I guess the US made me look more stonerish haha.

    I have a picture somewhere of some pickups when I was over there in December.
    The bud sells like this :
    You can buy a 50$ or 100$ bag your never guaranteed the weight. Or you can buy a brick which is 50grams if you get hooked up well. The first deal I made when I met my dealer back there was 1000$ SGD for 100grams (2 bricks).
  7. #7 Jimmybobstoner, May 11, 2011
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    the pictures im about to post will want to make you CRY.

    Here's a 100$ pickup, 2 50$ bags.

  8. Gravity bong will conserve the most, and it's easy to make. Trying to make a vape could go wrong, so i'd go with the grav!

  9. I want to cry because of how shitty that weed looks.
  10. id say grav it. and use the lighter as little as possible and make sure no weed can suck throo
  11. Hmmmm.....I think I'd better stick to my hash...Im going for the Spirit Festival in Himachal. The good hash is for like $10-$20 for a large ball of it. :D and its the cream....mmmMMmm

  12. LOL That has got to be the worst weed I have ever seen...I probably wouldn't even accept that free let alone paying 100 bucks, step your shit up my dude.
  13. Use the Gravity and enjoy them, but only pack like .2g hits, then you get more bang for your bud and buck.

  14. What the hell man you sure that's not coffee?

    ...does not even look like weed to me
  15. #15 Sexy Goat, May 11, 2011
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    You best be joking son, that's basically like 2 20s -1/8th if the weed was replaced by good bud :p :)

    It looks like tea leaves to me.
  16. I dont know your situation or where you're from but get your fuckin money back and find a new dealer.

  17. Those pics are actually not from the ts, some guy posted his crappy "weed" and hijacked this thread lol

  18. you sir are doing something wrong. you should be able to get some BOMB weed for extremely low prices. like 200 a oz for medical grade buds. your right next to oregon and right under that is california. you should not be getting brown weed!! lmao.

    i hope this was a joke

  19. does everyone in this fucking thread have an iq of 6? all u dumb fucks are critisising his pickup. he said it was bad, and he said thats how it goes down in singapore. he isnt saying thats what he is still picking up. sry to single u out
  20. Looks a bit like tobacco? Anyone agree?

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