tip of plants turning yellow please help

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  1. Well' i got the little girls (hopefully bagweed 50/50) two pop out. Went with mg seedling started about two weeks old . Hopefully i figure out how up load some photos.l.ve done alot of reseach on gc just kinda overwelling. If there is any body that can help me im sure their on here . Back to my babies i think i over feed them. despite the yellowing tip there doing pretty well;) the plant food i used was a mg liquid houseplant food 8-7-6 well i realise my mistake i feed them everytime i water with only 10 drops per qt. Cant upload any pic right now have found any to attach.sorry can some please tell me how to reverse the effects of over feeding . I have a smart phone not computer any advice on uploading from a phone. Thank you on any and all replys
  2. No, you cant reverse the effect so to speak. What damage there will be is already done.

    Is the mg stuff prefertilized? If so this can cause nute burn which shows symptoms like you describe.

    How often are you watering? At two weeks they dont need much.

    Seedlings dont need fed any nutes at all for the first two weeks to a month, depending on soil.

    Give them a good flush with plain phd water, then back off the nutes. If the mg hhas time released ferts I would consider repotting in better soil if possible.
  3. Just stop feeding her and water as normal as long as you haven't burnt the shit outta it, it will eventually use the excess nutes or you could just flush it and use a much weaker nute solution.
  4. Thank you for the help. Just went and got some ffof they really need to be transplanted.but if guy are right i should wait intil they are healthy again .they have had there three fan leavies for about 5 days now.i have them starting to srout the next set of leaves the next set should have 5 right so there still growing i have them in about 4 inches seed starter which did have ferts 0.05-0.01-0.05 which isnt alot but it did its damage.i could actually kick myself in the ass. Cause i planted them before i did reseach owell lesson learn so should i wait on the fox farm of ?
  5. how i upload pic is i made a photobucket acct (photobucket.com) then i take pics and send it to my acct then you copy and paste the "direct link" to the box when you click the little image box thing on here. the little mountain and sun box.

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