Tiny white/ transparent worm

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  1. I couldn't find this thing again to take a pic, but when inspecting for new root growth on a newly cut clone, I'm sure I saw a tiny tiny little squiggly worm poke in and out of the soil... It was extremely small

    I'm wondering if this is something I should worry about?
  2. Could be a fungus gnat larvae, which eat the roots of your plants. So yeah, they are fuckers, though they don't usually do so much damage that they kill the plant luckily.
  3. Do you know if that would prevent a clone from rooting?
  4. it definitely could if the larvae starts chewing the roots while the clone just barely rooted.
  5. Gnats, i have the bastards, cant get rid and i tried everything.
  6. Shit... This is terrible news.... I cut a clone because my larger , vegging plant is getting too big for my space ( micro grow 2 cabinets) with plans to give away the larger plant and start over ( I have good reason...) now the large plant is gone and my clone hasn't rooted after 1 1/2 weeks....
  7. Just leave the clone, i had one root after 2 wks before, it took about 2 and half wks.
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    that sucks :(
    if she hasn't rooted after 1,5 week I don't think she ever will. I bet her roots already got eaten by those gnats. The worst part actually is that once the roots are chewed on, they are very prone to root rot because the gnats spread fungus very easily ("fungus" gnat) and fungus loves open wounds on roots.
  9. This does suck. I'm pretty sure these things were already in the soil. I know this is prob a long shot... But the clipping is still pretty green... What is I removed it... Back into water for a few mins.. I cut in 45 degree angle again etc.... Rooting solution and back into brand new soil? I think it's my only option anyways. Other than giving up
  10. Why dont you put the clone in a cube so you can see when it roots.
  11. I don't really have access to anything like tht right now I'm using te same method that has worked for me in the past. I'm using soil that I've had for
    Months.. Not realizing shit might have gotten Into
    It and grown... Even though the bag was sealed, it has tiny holes for air.

    If I had access to seeds, or other clones, i wouldn't be too worried.. But i started with a clone over a year ago and have been cyclin through cutting clones- harvest fr that one original plant :(

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