Tiny white bugs in soil/on plant,

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  1. I recently started 2 seedlings,
    And when they started to grow a bit i took them out of the party cup and into the big 5 gallon pots,

    and let them grow,
    Then i realized there was like 50 tiny white bugs arround the plant in the soil,
    They kept jumping about 3-4 inches towards the light from the soil,
    they kept jumping too,
    Then i thought my plants were doomed and i turned the lights on at 12:30, the lights would normally of turned off at 3, then on at 7,
    I turned off at 12:30, and on at 8 so 7 1/2 hrs via the normal 4, will this have much effect?

    On one of the plants the bugs were crawling all arround and on the leaves,with what looks like little/no damage, but on my other plant the leaves are looking a bit droopy....

    I sprayed speciticde on them/then arround the stem, and then arround the pot,

    then i got water and sprayed the plant with water to get the speciticde off, it took all the bugs off the leaves,

    I hope it kills them and my seedlings dont die =/
  2. Geez man wt... Sorry to hear about that mess.
    You might have a problem if you keep switching the lighting back and forth like that. It can cause them stress which in turn can make their leafs curl or worse turn them into hermaphrodites:eek:.
    What type of spray did you use on the plants? Was it stuff used on the lawn outside you home? Their are some home remedies made from things like Tabasco sauce and other stuffs that would not harm the plants.
    Those bugs, did you get a good look at them? Look them up on the internet to see what they may have been because I have no idea:confused:
    The soil you used was it "wild soil" from outside?

  3. Nope i picked up 2 different bags at 2 different kind from my local homedepot,
    I realize the worms when i first bought and poured the bags,

    The bugs are unidentifiable they are too small,
    And it was only once the lighting changed,
  4. I'd pick up some Neem oil, because Neem oil has so many preventitive properties you can't go wrong with the stuff. Even if you don't have an infection.

    If it starts to really get out of hand, i suggest pyrethrum (or any organic pesticide that contains pyrethrins.) But thats only the case after you've tried other forms of organic pest control first.

    If the white bugs are in your soil, they are most likely laying eggs in your soil as well, which is where they're comming from. Put some sand on the first 1" of your soil and pack it down, make sure you get the entire exposed layer of soil. Instead of planting their eggs in the soil, they'll plant it in the sand. After a couple days, simply wash the sand out when you water or with a hose, repeat if nessessary.
  5. A+ - DriftingApart !!!


  6. Accualy after 2 heavy sprays all the way across the top of the soil, arround the plant,
    and on the sides of the bucket, they seem to have disappeard, and the spectiside didnt seem to harm my plants,

    Wish me luck!

  7. Good to hear man. What kind of insecticide did you end up using? Or.. what does the ingredient label say?
  8. Im sure it will work, but...

    Specticide or Spectracide are made with Pyrethroids (synthetic compounds used to mimic pyrethrum). The compound in question here is Triazicide.

    It is not natural, it kills everything in sight, including your cat, dog, birds, whatever.
    Its not very safe dude.

    You should do some research before u just go and buy somethin offa the shelf at walmart.

    Good luck !!!

  9. It sounds like you have springtails in your soil, to me. I don't mind having these little guys in my soil at all. They can help mobilize and spread microbes throughout the soil structure, while grazing on organic and fungal material in your soil. Personally, I'd much rather let them be than expose my plants and soils to pesticide treatments.

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