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Tiny, tiny bit of weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by roasted&salted, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I have probably .3 gram of leftover shake/broken up weed I scooped up last night.

    I have no tolerance so this should be enough to get me feeling pretty good.

    How should I smoke it? I don't have papers and that probably wouldn't really work anyways.

    I do have a nice homemade bong, but the bowl is big, the weed would probably just fall right through.

    Hot knifing it isn't really an option haha.

    Shit man.
  2. The most efficient thing to do with that small amount would be to vape it, but I'm guessing that's not an option.

    You could always make an apple pipe with a smaller bowl than your homemade bong.
  3. Probably not the healthiest idea but you can get a piece of tin foil, mold it to your bong, stab small holes in it, then bake it all around with your lighter (to help with the chemicals), and use it as a screen.

  4. I am sorry but are you dumb? Dont not do what is above me. I'd do with the apple bro

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOO! You're good with .3 man if it's good bud. Just do not listen to the tinfoil dude.
  6. #6 cosmokramer421, Feb 22, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 22, 2009
    Don't be a dick. Don't bother trying to smoke out of an apple, you have .3 grams, most of it'll just get stuck in the apple.
    Yes smoking out of aluminum foil isn't necessarily good for you. But, if I was in your shoes, I would DEFINITELY use a screen in his bong, and if I didn't have a screen i'd make out out of aluminum foil. Smoking a fraction of a gram through aluminum foil once will not hurt that much... I'm not a doctor, but i'm sure it's fine. .3 grams is like one hit, big deal if you smoke it through aluminum foil. I've smoked out of alumium foil at least 10 times in my 10 years or smoking, and I haven't noticed any detrimental effects yet. I'm not saying I condone it, or advise doing it often I'm saying that it'd be your best bet to get the most out of what little you have. Don't bother smoking out of an apple unless you like to waste what little weed you have.
  7. It's really not that bad. No need to flame.
  8. stride gum wrapper = papes.

    Or make a screen out of foil. ONCE will not kill you. Just buy some screens tomorrow though.
  9. Use a cigarette or cigar. If not, I'd go with the tin foil screen, or just make lil tin foil balls and put the bud on top of em.
  10. Yeah mein, tin foil, if used right, works really well. Just don't heat it up too much and if its a plastic bong MAKE sure you don't burn the plastic.

    I like zeh glass myself and I suggest you get yourself a glass pipe or something.

  11. thats great that you just said that, me and my boys were desperate the other morning after long night and we had no papers or anything but we di have a pack of stride gum...and the papers worked perfectly..even gave a little gum tatse haha...sure it wasnt too healthy though of course
  12. gravity bong. best way to get high off of a little bit other than vaping
  13. +1, i totally agree, gravity bongs are the most efficient way to an effective outcome :D

    make a waterfall g-bong and you'll be nice and fried.

  14. Did it canoe? Mine always fall apart because they never stick :(

    Good for you though man :hello:
  15. When I use anything other than rolling paper, I lick the living fuck out of it or wet it with water until it's pretty wet, not soaked, but way to wet to smoke. Then, just let it chill, seal side down, till it's dry. It should be straight from there.
  16. I've always found .3 to pack a pretty solid bowl. You probably have like, less than a tenth of a gram if you think it will fall through your bong.
  17. Make a GRAVITY BONG! Fiesta!
  18. Don't use aluminum foil as a screen if you can help it. What I usually end up doing is grabbing some super thin paper, emptied cig papers, etc. Just take it apart and tear a square shape that is big enough to stop the weed from falling through. It lasts a good while if you don't cash the bowl in one hit, and even if you do, the paper will burn a good bit and then suck through after the weed is gone. Works great.
  19. use a rock.
    just throw a small rock into the bowl and its a perfect filter.
  20. you dont have a screen? back in high school I collected all the screens from the sinks that I could lol...i also did that at my previous job, as well as my current one...i'll fuckin give you a handful of metal screens, i have that many

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