Tiny plant, 3weeks left

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by KSimms4200, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. So this thing stands about 4 inches tall, its a cute little plant : P strain is fast bud from Sweet Seeds. 6 weeks from seed, about 3 weeks left. Of course im not going to get much of anything from it, prolly gonna make an extract of some sort. Chilling in the veg box under 24 hrs of light.

  2. dang shes really small!
    Hows the odor?
  3. its probaly so small because you run the lights 24. unless you have very little space to use run them like 19/5 or 18/6. during the dark period the plants strech, looking for light. since you ran 24 on an auto flower then the plant didnt strech at all, specially with the fast grow plants.
  4. alot of people go 24/0 with no problems. hell some recomend it. ive no idea why its so small
    edit: i also have no experience with auto flowers
  5. im pretty sure most use like 18/6 on auto's. im just sayin thats why its so small. 24.7 isnt bad i use it for my non autos. but 24 along with that strain is why its so small
  6. yep, b/w the 24 hours of light and the amount of light in the room, they didnt stretch at all. If i ever decide to use them again i will prolly just veg under the cfls. all in all it was fun watching it grow, and hey, its not like its taking up a lot of space back in the corner of the veg box : )

    thanks for the comments.

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