Tiny Growbox built with crap I had lying around

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  1. Used a box that fireworks came in and an old shitty lamp :D I have a aquarium pump to move air around. Hell, it might not produce but it didn't cost a penny! What do you guys think?

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  2. might work for a little but u dont have enough light for it to veg for very long or to flower. is it light proof?
  3. Nah, it's got some cracks.
  4. you would be much better off going to red greenery's rubbermaid post and reading up. 2 18 gallons and 6 cfls can do wonders in the right hands.
  5. You can grow in that space, all the way to flowering some nice bud. I did my first 2 grows in an old wooden stero speaker (15"x8"x7") and managed to flower 2 plants in there the first time and 1 the 2nd time. You probably won't get much bud, but I found it worthy for an experiment and grew myself half an ounce of good weed the first time and 10 grams or so the next time. Its not really cost effective tho for a full grow as you might not get enough weed to offset the cost of the electricity. I had 3 18W (54W total) CFL spirals in there.

    You essentially have to grow the plant bonsai style and do a lot of tying down. The first time I had 2 plants essentially inter-twined, being tied down with paper clips. I tied taller branches to the lower ones and during flowering always pulled all the buds right up to the lights.

    Have a look at my pics of that box. Its got a computer fan drawing air out and two white 90 degree for the intake. You can position the compact flourescent lights horizontally to maximize you space. I could only get 3 in, you could probably get double that all lined horizontally on the ceiling of the box.

    Its do able as a full grow, but not advisable unless you just want to have a dabble or or super-security conscious. My box was in my room and was near silent and completely undetectable unless you actually knew it was there - no light leaks.

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  6. If you ue a bit of mylar to line the insides of the box you can eliminate the light leaks. Youd have to spend a little bit of cash to get it workable. You'd need a computer fan, several more lights and lamp cords, a bit of mylar, a mains adapter to run the fan.... you could do it for less than $50.
  7. This is pretty much just a little pass the time experiment for me until I get the cash to complete my real growbox. I've already got the top and bottom put on the frame I built a few months ago. Once it's complete I'll have a 3'x2 1/2'x6 3/4' box with two 5"x5" fans and two 250watt agrosun MH lights. I'll probably use some seeds I got out of a bag of "purple haze" for my first grow then order some Cindy seeds once I get the hang of it.

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