Tiny bugs in soil

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  1. In one of my pots I noticed a lot of tiny grey/brown bugs crawling all in the soil, they are very small (flea sized?) and do not jump. I looked up different pests but I don't see anything that looks like these, help?

  2. I've been using fox farms ocean forest, I didn't know what to do so I just watered it hoping they drown. It's almost ready for harvest. The other soil in the pots look fine, don't understand why I only see them in 1 pot when all 5 pots are right next to each other.
    What other info do you need? This is the first time I've seen bugs.
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  4. Not that I see no, I've seen pictures of the common pests and they look nothing alike. They are pretty small but I noticed them moving around in the soil.
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    Is it the ever possible root aphids, you are using fox farms, they are prone
  6. They don't look like root aphids, aren't those white?
  7. Thanks for the pictures but I don't see their friends :)
  8. Grey in contrast with brown dirt
  9. There aren't many other bugs that'll live inside indoor pots?
  10. I didn't see anything similar..
  11. If they are root aphids you won't be able to see the damage until it's too late. After the larvae has fed on the roots, it will surface, grow wings and fly to the next one. They will kill your roots. May I recommend ladybugs? Or organic pest control? Better safe than sorry
  12. Well I just returned from an overseas holiday and opened up my pc grow box in preparation for a grow and noticed that a number of tiny black flies reminiscent of fruit flies have invaded while I was away. There are no plants in there, just a soil mix that I had 'cooking' in preparation for a grow. So far I haven't positively identified what these critters are; as I said, they look like fruit flies, only they are black. Anyone got any suggestions on how to deal with these before I plant my beans in there?

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