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    Long story short I cannot have a plant grow more then say, 6 inches. I've grown a few "plants" to around that then lost them to natural causes. Since I know its possible, how would I grow a plant that would start budding when the plant was VERY small and not grow bigger? I'm talking ultimate stealth. Here are some pics from google for what i'm talking about. [​IMG]

    Would I just start on a 12/12 light cycle? I have some cfl's, 42w I believe. I just randomly planted a bagseed for fun a few days ago and it sprouted tonight, so responses asap would be appreciated!
  2. I could be wrong cause I'm a noob,
    but the first one looks like they threw a clone into 12/12 and let it do it's thing.
  3. naw i've seen that thread on whatever website that was on... it's legit.
  4. Keep the container small, and the plant will stay small. Throwing into 12/12 from birth will also get the same results, I did this as an experiment and they grew about 8 inches tall.... I pinched the shit out of them and they were bushy as all hell, got about 1/4 oz off each, but they took FOREVER to flower.
  5. Define "pinched".... :smoking:
  6. After about the third node, pinch off the new growth, about a quarter inch of it (above the set of developed leaves). This will encourage the plant to start two new main stalks, to be your colas, to grow from this one. It can be done more than once.
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    This is FIMming (pinching most, not all, of the new growth), or TOPPING (completely cutting off the new growth). Promotes two "colas" from what would have been just a single cola in the first place. Search for those terms for better definitions.

    In the first pic, the pot is way too small.
    Small pot = small plant.
    That plant looks good though, like if it had been in a 3gal pot, that'd been a fantastic specimen.

    Second pic, the soil looks like crap (is that a 'shroom I see by that thumb?). There ya go.
    Crappy soil = Crappy plant.

    Read the stickies and journals for the best ways to grow to get the best results.
  8. You're right i think... I dont know about that one but it does look similar to a clone cut, rooted, and thrown into 12/12 without much veg time.
  9. It's bonsai buds. :D
  10. to all wondering if that little plant inthe tiny plastic cup is real .. look at the perlite .. it is still white.. that gives the fake away.
  11. Keep it in a small container, don't let it veg for too long before flowering. Or if you actually want a decent harvest too, start LST at a relatively early age and it could grow even lower than that picture you posted.
  12. Yeah you're rite about the Perlite not being yellow.
    So that little stick above couldn't really happen from clone?
    I guess I gotta go stick a fresh clone under the hps to see what happens. lol
    Would be sweet if it popped out like that! Then all I'd need is a mother plant.
    Prolly not even an eighth dry though.
  13. I currently have a very small plant thats budding. It would not grow like the rest of them and started budding like the rest of them.. I might only get a bowl but its aiight lol.
  14. I agree that the first pic isn't real... it would be rootbound as shit, but its not. Someone just took a budding branch and shoved it into some dirt. Good luck with the 12/12 babies!
  15. im sure ive seen the first pic before with people saying its just a branch cut & put in soil, look in the pot theres no roots! & u would see them all over in that pot, but it is poss do have a lil grow like that

    heres a link to a thread for shot glass grows, they only really done for fun (hope its ok linking to diff site)
    OFFICIAL: 1oz CONTAIN/SHOTGLASS GROW - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    OP i guess u only want to grow it for a laugh not bud?
  16. Thanks for the link! That was neato.
  17. Best way to go about this is to check out Lowlife's auto hindu kush. You're going to get some pretty decent weed, and the plant at it's very peak will reach 14 inches, and that's under great growing conditions. It basically is just one main fat cola, and will not branch that much.

    As far as what everyone said about small containers, and starting 12/12 right away, that isn't always true. I have a tree right now I'm growing in a 3 gallon pot that is at least 4 feet tall, wide, and is showing some nice buds. I also started it into 12/12 when it was about 6 inches tall, I won't be surprised if it ends up being over 5 feet tall when I pick her.

    Go with the auto-kush. It's good smoke, a small plant, and very easy to grow. If you really can't afford to have plants bigger than a foot tall, you can always tie them once before they start flowering as well, and you're guaranteed to get a plant about 8 inches tall, and yield you about a half Oz.
  18. That's actually "topping". Fimming is when you cut the tips off of the new set and you not only get the 2 new arms, you get to keep the ones you cut. They look funny but who cares.

    Similar, but different
  19. I have mad bagseed so I'll try it too, hopefully I get some girls...I'll probably veg for like three weeks then put on 12/12
  20. we left some babies in a solo, no space. didnt have the heart to kill the lil dudes. so let em veg for 7 weeks, they are 4 to 8 inch bushes, started 12/12 so we will see if they flower. be a pleasant lil suprise

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