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  1. I think I got the wrong tinsnips for my aluminum ducting I got the long ones damn I knew I shouldnt have thrown away the reciept:mad: I feel so stupid can anyone help me out please like what brand did you use and what was the price I really dont wanna fuck up this time thx in advance
  2. Lol i ended up using bolt cutters to cut the ducting... wasnt pretty, but it worked, eventualy... a lot of bending, unbending, and trying to cut, which led to more bending... it broke eventualy, tho lol
  3. I know all that cutting pisses me off I will probally try to cut it out but if it doesnt work im getting some bolt cutters:D
  4. Nevamind people the tinsnips work you just gotta bend it a little also I tried bending it without the snips with my teeth it worked perfectly like 4 or 5 bends and you are good:D
  5. Green handle tin snips are to make Right turns and are for leftys. Red handle tin snips make left turns and are for rightys. Yes there are 2 different styles of green snips and red snips. Most common snips used are Red handle snips. Im right handed so I very seldom use green handle snips.

    Thanks Dale

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