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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ferkashterk, May 22, 2010.

  1. i saw this ad for the hula solution but i can't afford anything much right now (minimum wage fail) so if i were to basically do the same procedure as that or ISO hash except for the evaporation and with edible alcohol and i'd just drink the liquid rather than make hash. i'm pretty sure this would work but has anyone tried this or something like it? is it worth trying?
  2. Check the search engine for recipies on "Green Dragon". Cheap,easy, and kicks ass:D:smoke:
  3. yeah, i've considered that but i don't want to drink that much, i was wondering about a more concentrated mixture like a couple drops would do it rather than shots
  4. keep searchin around for tinctures. Basically you make green dragon, evaporate alcohol until you are left with a solution of desired strength. (much like qwiso, where you evap until you are just left with the leftover oil; you just stop evaporating while theres still solvent)

    Say you knew .3grams would be a good dose of marijuana. Youd then ask yourself, how much alcohol do i want to consume to get my .3g of mj?
    You can evaporate some alcohol and be left with somn like .3gmj / 1oz 151. or continue evaporating till you get .3g / .1 oz 151. Just figure out the ratio you want and evap until you get to that point.

    Ive only tried 'tincture' concentrations once and it didnt turn out well(thats just me). I try and do my dose per 1oz of 151. Its enough that i can just do the shot if i want or mix it and the taste isnt too horrid. Ive got 3.5 grams of bud plus a lil bit of keif in a pint bottle of 151 right now. So i should have somewhere around 1/3 g of herb per oz 151.

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