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  1. Hi People! Just wondered what the easiest method to make cannabis tincture is? Thanks in advance

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  2. decarboxylate the cannabis ( heat it to activate it) and then soak it in your everclear alcohol for a while... then evaporate some of the alcohol off to get it at the consistency you are looking for

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  3. Thanks for the reply! Is there a substitute I can use for everclear as it's really hard to come across

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  4. @Clinton Kong
    Decarb first ( 240 F for 40 minutes
    Freeze weed and the highest proof clear drinking grade alcohol you can buy. Don't skimp on this part as it's critical. 190 Proof is best but 151 does the job if that is the best you can buy.
    Done right your only going to need an eye dropper of tincture to get results.
    I do a quart of weed to a full fifth of alcohol shake 15 seconds and strain with a potato ricer.
    Wear gloves and avoid skin contact as it will transdermal stone.
    I use a small still to recover the alcohol from the wet weed and to further reduce the tincture to RSO and recover that alcohol for reuse.
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  5. Thanks will go for the 151 I reckon. Been very helpful guys

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