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Tincture to oil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by starguy, Oct 10, 2022.

  1. I have some tincture that I want to infuse into oil.,My thoughts are this. If I add an ounce of coconut oil/lecithin mix to an ounce of tincture and then evaporate the alcohol off over a low heat that the thc will infuse with the oil during the evaporation process if I keep the heat around 220 .,
    Does this sound like it would work?
  2. I'd dry down (ie. evaporate via whatever method you choose) the tincture and reconstitute the remaining residue in the coconut oil.
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  3. May I ask why? When you say reconstitute what do you mean.,just mix,or cook into?. Thank you.,
  4. After you evaporate the alcohol off, the residue that remains will be a concentrate. Simply dissolve this residue into the desired carrier oil (ie. coconut oil).
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  5. [​IMG]
    This watery mess is what come out of the still after I recover the alcohol.
    24 hours of fan will evaporate this to.

    Add your Coconut oil and lecithin to the reduced tar and heat 220 F for 20 minutes to process.
    This makes what I like to call "Enhanced RSO". The Lecithin adds that kicker and extends the duration.

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  6. Since I add water to the TIncture in the still before cooking off the Alcohol to give the Tar something to float in I have to cook the Tar-Coconut oil first until it stops bubbling and foaming then add the lecithin, Cook an additional 10 minutes before filling capsules with it. Any remaining trace of water in the Tar or Oil will melt the capsules into a blob destroying all your hard work.

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  7. I'd just let some of your tincture evaporate to oil and thoroughly mix in 3 parts by weight of warm MCT or coconut oil and call it a day. Count you drops for dosing consistency and to find your ideal dose. Unless you use a fan to evaporate, there won't be enough water in 200 proof ETOH to worry over, especially after decarbing the bud.
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  8. I evaporated 2oz of my tincture which I estimate to have 11grams worth of bud per ounce. To this I added 3/4oz coconut oil and 1/2tsp. lecithin and ended up with aprox. 1 ounce of infused oil that has aprox. 80ml of thc per squeeze. I'm not ready to test it yet.,.maybe tonight. Thanks for your comments.,
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  9. I did get to test the oil and it has a good kick to it.,I did 1 squeeze and I got a little more zing than I was expecting. I had a nice nap.
    I don't really taste it.,and the feel of the oil in my mouth is so different than the alcohol.,I washed it down with my coffee at 1pm. napped 5- 7:15.,Woke all tan rested and ready.,This could make a great base for salad dressing .,lol.,
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