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Tincture time

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by ryan juler, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. can you make tincture using 151 rum in less than a day??

    if you look up miss bliss tincture on you tube, she says it takes less than a day to make her tincture. is this possible? who's done it before and has succeed?

    (I'm trying to not add heat here. )
  2. if you don't use heat i think its impossible. She makes a valid point saying it gets extracted realy fast, but it doesn't dissolve so fast. If it was as simple as just shaking it for 3 mins, why would anyone even bother to heat it/wait for a month

    but i'm no scientist i just go by what i've read
  3. Using rum or anything less than moonshine will not get you a one day extraction unless you apply heat. Using legal moonshine AKA Everclear will give a 24 hour extraction without heat. However I can complete a full thick batch in less than 4 hours by applying heat. Never bring to a boil or apply direct heat. Use a pan of water and set your soaking jar in the water. Only use about 2/3 heat on a stove burner and only heat for about ten minutes. It's not so much the heat as it is the cooling it off that pulls the THC from the plant matter. I don't recommend anything less than moonshine for the highest quality hash. Moonshine AKA Methyl alcohol is the traditional means to make any type of tincture basically for the fact that it's so very easy to eliminate the total flavor, and wetness left by the shine by just letting anything you apply it to sit for 10-20 mins and just air dry. The lesser the alcohol quality used means the lesser quality hash you'll have at the end as well as left over flavor from whatever alcohol you use and if you want to smoke it then dipping a joint could take an hour for it to dry enough to be smoked as opposed to 10 mins of dry time using shine.

  4. Trust what lyrical74 has to say, no heat will = a very weak substance or a total waste. Decarb bro/bram lol just take something place it in the over with whatever your decarbing.. If your worried about the smell cook something while your decarbing...
  5. will this work? : I put the jar in a separate bowl in an empty bathtub, then I use a tea pot and wait till that boils then I pour that hot water into the bowl with the mason jar with my bud and alcohol mixture. Will this work?
  6. The best way is to just use a stove top, and a medium sized sauce pan, or pot. Fill the pan half way with water and place the jar of tincture materials directly in the pan. I heat it at just above medium temp for about ten minutes with the lid off the jar so I can see the first bit of steam release. Any longer can turn to a boil and destroy the batch. Once the steam starts then take it out of the pan. Replace lid and let it sit until cool. Once it's cooled I do a second heating and cool down and that helps thicken the tincture, and fully extract the remaining THC. Let it cool down, and simply strain through cheese cloth, or silk screen. I also will let it evaporate afterward if necessary until a point that all smell of alcohol is gone. But if mixed to the right proportions at the start then this process helps to eliminate the smell and taste and no further evaporation is needed.

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