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Tincture Recipe

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by itsmarch20th, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Okay, so I am considering making some tincture later this week. I am planning on getting a half oz and using everclear 190 proof to make it. So, what I'm wondering is, does anyone have a good tincture recipe they've used before. How much alcohol should I use for a half? How long should I steep? I've read a day to months. All recipes online are a bit ambiguous so I'm looking for an experienced blades help so I don't fuck it up and waste a half. Thanks! :)

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  2. There are numerous threads for this purpose. Search tincture, or green dragon or GD.

    I personally prefer....Another Tincture thread by PsychedelicSam.

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    If you want to use less than an once you can. You can make a good green dragon with an eighth. It will net you 2 oz of tincture. It is easy.

    1 Decarb your finely ground for 5 min at 320 after you seal it in an aluminum foil pouch.
    2 take 3oz of Everclear and put it in a mason jar with your decarbed bud.
    3 Put a small amount of water in a pan and put a face cloth on the bottom of the pan. Then put your mason jar in the water in the pan with the water Aka double boiler.
    Make sure your stove fan is blasting and have an fire extinguisher handy.
    4 reduce this mixture for 20 minutes.
    5 cool and strain

    Geen Dragon!

    I like to put it in a dropper bottle, each dropper is 5ml. 1 dropper is nice, 2 and your flying.

    Happy Mediables!
  4. Thanks!

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    I did this and it sent me flying. Great recipe for a small amount with a quick turn-around time. Amazed it worked with such temps!! Curious why???

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