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Tincture question...

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BlazeDTO360, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. I am wondering if buds need to be dried and cured to make a water/glycerin based tincture or if I can start it immediately after chop?

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  2. I've read it needs to be dry, not necessarily cured if you're going to decarb, but someone may know better. I recently ran some fresh frozen, just harvested cannabis for some BHO and got a nice return. Depending on how you're making your tincture, there is a lot of moisture in those buds. I now usually make bho then add that to Everclear for a tincture, but don't know if that will work for what you're doing. I'd ask in PSam's tincture thread though PSam or somebody from that forum will probably catch it here. Good luck, mate. Please tell us what you decide to do and how it works.
  3. Thanks. I'm still looking for more advice but I'm gonna try a small batch after about 7 days of hanging, and see what happens. I want to decarb, by heating the water/glycerin hot, then adding the cannabis, then I will continue to heat by sealing the jar and placing it in hot water. I got a skillet pan I used to heat e cig juice, so gonna try this the same way.

    I can't do the alcohol thing, it gives me headaches really bad. I've got some before at the local dispensary. They also got a water based tinc, that has a splash of glycerin for sweetness, and it's really good. I'm hoping to make somethin like that, with a 4 gram, to 60ml ratio to start.

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  4. Don't know what your tolerance is, but a tincture that is 2 grams per ounce is not strong enough according to many folks.

    I make my tincture 6 grams per ounce. If Ethanol is the problem than make an ethanol Green Dragon Tincture and then make a solvent transfer to coconut oil.

    If you use ethanol to strip the cannabinoids from the material you can then boil off the ethanol and all of the goodness will be in coconut oil.

    Regardless of which way you make your tincture you still need to do a decarboxylation by heating the cannabis at 240 F for 40 minutes.

    Don't know if fresh material needs extra drying. The 240 for 40 minutes has been derived from significant testing done by Psychedelic Sam .
  5. Thanks! Will the green Dragon thing, desolve in water/glycerine. I've also tried the coconut oil tunics and they taste bad to me. I'm kinda set on finding a way to do water/glycerine.

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  6. You can also transfer the Green Dragon into honey or agave syrup too as another option to coconut oil.
  7. What about into glycerine?

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  8. Forget about the glycerin ---- you'll like the honey or agave better ---- guaranteed!!!
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  9. In descending order of strength of solvency to break the trichomes head are
    Concentrate your material before hand like dry ice hash and you'll only need an eyedropper of alcohol based tincture to do the job and it's less alcohol than is in your mouthwash.. No effects.. I can't do alcohol in any big quantities either but this is acceptable..
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method
    My dry ice hash, oil and tincture thread..

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