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Tincture help

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dunatic, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. First try at making tincture. I bought an herbal infuser. How to make infused edibles on advice from a friend. I baked a quarter at 250F for 25 min, threw it in the infuser with 2 cups of 151 rum, hit the Mighty Long infuse (4hrs) button. After it was all cooked, strained and filtered I ended up with 11oz of tincture. I added a few drops of mint and vanilla extract for flavor. ( tastes great! Burns a little from the rum) It’s not very strong at all, 5 drops under the tongue last night... nothing. Tried 15 drops this morning.... nothing. What did I do wrong? I have had 4 back surgeries from a car wreck and have been on opioids for 10 years, I am looking for a better option for pain relief. Do I need more bud? Was that to much alcohol for the amount of bud I had? Can I cook off some of the alcohol to make it stronger & how do I do that? Throw it all in a jar and a double broiler and cook it down some? Please help.....
  2. @Dunatic
    Decarb longer = 240 F for 40 minutes.
    Use a clear liquor like 151-190 proof ever clear.
    Freeze both weed and alcohol.
    Use just enough alcohol to cover the weed.
    Shake 10 seconds and strain with potato ricer or garlic press.
    Do NOT let the tincture get on your skin as it will transdermal stone the fuck out of you.
    Making tincture.
    I do a quart jar of weed to a fifth of alcohol and work fast.
    This will be detectable at 1 full eye dropper under your tongue and hit fast like smoking does.
  3. Is there a way to cook some of the alcohol out of this or do I need to just leave it open and let it evaporate? I used way to much alcohol for the amount of bud I used. I was gonna use everclear but the instructions that came with the machine said to use the 151 rum. Still have the everclear, I’ll try that next time
  4. Here's the approximate total THC in your tincture, assuming good 15% herb:
    THC = (0.15)*(7 g)*(1000 mg/g) = 1050 mg

    Here's the THC Density:
    THC Density = (1050 mg)/(2 C)/(237 mL/C) = 2.2 mg/mL

    One dropper full is about 40 drops, so your 15 drop dose contained about
    THC = (15/40)*(2.2 mg) = 0.8 mg

    As you can see, that tincture is too weak to be useful.

    Sadly, when using 151 proof, boiling the tincture down will just remove some/all of the alcohol, and leave all the water behind. For example, if you boiled it down to 25% of its original volume, the THC density would go up by a factor of 4, and the THC density would be 8.8 mg/mL, but you'd probably still need at leas a couple of full droppers. Worse, you'd be left with unstable water tincture that contains almost 0% alcohol.

    Trying to infuse and strain cannabis is time consuming, and wastes from a few percent to more than half the original herb, depending on the infusing medium. I've been on a quest to publicize how simple edibles can be. The simplest, most potent edible is made using whole, ground, decarbed herb. Just decarb ANY (even 0.1 gram) amount of herb, grind to powder, mix with nut butter or nutella, let sit awhile, and use (I spread on crackers). Keep track of how much herb is used, and then eat an amount of mixture that contains between 0.1 (average user) and 1.0 grams (pot head). Gram for gram of original herb, this is slightly stronger than FECO/RSOTincture, and about twice as strong as infused, stained oils. I've made all of those things many times for my friends, and they all prefer the crackers.
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  5. So I’ve basically wasted a good bag of bud? Is there anything I can do with it?
  6. No, it's not wasted. You still have all the potency, just not in convenient form. I'd probably just reduce it to 50%, live with the resulting THC density of about 4.4 mg/mL, and use several droppers full (about 5 for a Colorado dose of 20 mg). Or use as is, with about 10 droppers full to make 1 CO dose. You could even bake with it, but don't add too much more heat for too long a time (350 F for 8 min, assuming internal baking temps don't get that high is the most I'd risk).

    In the future, you don't need fancy equipment to make tincture. I've tried Mota Pot (worthless) and Magical Butter Machine, but prefer just coffee grinder and jar. Decarb, grind to powder, soak a week or two with frequent shaking, strain, and reduce is what I do. If using 190 proof, you can make an oz of herb fit into a 1 oz tincture bottle, with about 4 mg/drop thc density. I've never used 151 proof, but my guess is that 1 oz herb in 1 Cup alcohol, reduced to 50% after a long soak would yield a good product with thc density about (0.15)*(28,000 mg)/(237 mL/C)/(0.5 C) = 35 mg/mL, or almost 1 mg/drop.
  7. No, you're okay. You're just going to have to take it another step. 190 can be evaporated in order to concentrate the potency without any issues but 151 is another story. Once you get about 25% evaporated it will start to separate into dark, oily blobs and a cloudy liquid. As you continue to evaporate it the dark globs will combine and form a layer of cannabis oil on the bottom and a volume of water and sugars from the rum on top.

    You continue to heat this is a hot water bath until all of that liquid is gone and you're left with a gooey oil on the bottom. That is cannabis oil. It won't be completely pure because it will also contain any leftover residue from the rum and vanilla/mint but not enough to affect anything. This is basically RSO. At this point you can add some fresh 190 or 151 to reconstitute it to the potency you want. If you used a quarter ounce then add 1-1.5oz of fresh alcohol to give you a tincture with a good potency.

    You could have used another 15 minutes of decarb at that temperature so it still won't be fully decarbed. It should still help your pain and it will finish decarbing on its own over the course of the next couple of months. If you have any questions or want more help please drop by my thread and ask away. dragon (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC).gif

    Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
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  8. Thank you for the help, How do I do this? Put it in a pot and let it simmer. Or a double broiler? Leave it open and let evaporate on its own over time? Sorry for all the ?s. Totally new at this. I bought some in Colorado and it worked great, unfortunately I don’t live in Colorado.
  9. Take it all the way down to tar with a small fan then reconstitute with fresh 151 is the best way working with 151.



  10. I’m trying to find an answer in your tincture thread, but it is 784 pages.... lots of great info! My next batch is going to be a lot better!
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    Thank you!! BrassNwood
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    This software is messing up.

    Just go in my thread and ask anywhere and I'll walk you through what you need to do and how to tweak things for a quality tincture. :)
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  13. Quadruplicate
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    BnW has a good system for a large batch but just use a jar in a pot of boiling water or you can do it naturally. It doesn't take long and when it gets to the goo like the picture above, you're ready to add the fresh alcohol. :)
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  15. I've made really strong alcohol tincture in the MFHI. You have to use at least an ounce of quality bud for 2-4 cups of alcohol, run it through the Mighty Long 4 hour cycle (you can run it through more than once but not necessary) then reduce it down on a low simmer on the stove until the remaining alcohol burns off.

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