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Tincture help...what am I doing wrong?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jamiequadra, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. So I've tried a few times to make a potent tincture. Fail, fail, fail.

    Today I grabbed 4 g of wax. Decarbed at 220 F until it stopped bubbling. There were suspisciously few bubles.

    Heated a 50/50 alcohol/PG mix (1.5 oz total). Added decarbed, melted wax to alc/pg and stirred. There were some particles falling out of suspension, so I added a few drops of wax liquidizer.

    This stuff should knock anyone on their ass, yet i'm getting mild effects at best, even at 6 ml. Something MUST be wrong. My process? The 50/50 mix? Am I getting bunk wax/shatter?
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  2. "Suspiciously few bubbles" might contain the answer.
    Many highly respected members swear by "bubble watching" but I think that's wrong.
    Who knows what those bubbles really are? Are there microscopic ones we can't see?
    When I boil off alcohol while making tincture from decarbed herb I get alcohol bubbles, and also some other bubbles, which are probably water. Maybe there's trapped air. Who knows?

    It's possible you had a very poor decarb that was good enough for your friends, but not for you.
    Try a normal decarb (240 F for 40 min), and use alcohol only as a test on a small batch.
    That removes the PG variable.
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  3. Thank you!

    If it is not fully decarbed, shouldn't I be able to decarb more right now in the PG?
  4. Probably, but knowing how is difficult.
    Mine was just an opinion.

    I'd probably start testing small batches baked at a variety of times at the same temp.
    The temp of 240 F has a lot of decarb history, so I'd try that.
    It's an open question about whether your mixture decarbs like dry herb in air, in oil, or something else.
    Try baking 2 or 3 doses at 240 F for 30 min.
    If that's better, then repeat for 60 min.
    Keep doing this until increasing time does no good.
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  5. Thank you. I'm gonna try it.
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  6. Careful.
    A single bad dose can happen even with good herb.
    I like to average at least 3 trials.
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  7. Agreed.
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  8. Use a sonic cleaner with heat. I got one from Amazon, and do my extraction with plant in 95% alcohol, strain, re-sonic the green alcohol with some liquid lecithin. The sonic cleaner takes tons of time and effort out of the process. After that, I transfer by hearing with oil, then doing another 20 mins in the cleaner. The cleaner extracts the chemicals from the decarbed matter and binds it to the lecithin, then to the oil. The molecular activity from the ultrasonic waves creates a HUGELY potent result that is also bioavailable.

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  9. Intersting idea, do you have a link to what you use?

    I confirmed that there is a decarb issue. I heated 3 ml at 240 degrees and monitored with my thermometer. Let it go 20 min. Tested. Better but not enough. I have more in the oven now, and I finally got some bubbles. I'll update later.
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  10. like this?
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  11. I made simple syrup with gd infused sugar but when I add to water the oil separates.... any ideas? This didn't happen with tropical juice this is grape . But my sugar wouldn't fully dry because the tincture is from buds that already had coconut oil made from one batch and vg tinc made from the other . I thought I'd wash in alc to get anything that's left remaining but obviously it still has oils and vg inside right? 20190817_211448.jpg

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  12. I would say that your biggest mistake was not following the Tincture Guides (stickie threads above this one) from PsychedelicSam that can give you the knowledge to make a Tincture properly.
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  13. [​IMG]

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  14. I concur about the ultrasonic action yielding more bioavailability.
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