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Tincture from kief?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Communist, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow blades,

    I happen to have about .4g of kief i have and i wanted to try something new. Normally i just press it and cut blocks off for bong rips but i was considering making a small amount of tincture. Would .3-4g of kief dissolved in some 151 for a reasonable amount of time produce a viable tincture?

    any insight appreciated
  2. im interested in this too. any insight?
  3. You'll either need to seal it in a canning jar, follow the rules of canning, and apply heat for a half hour to an hour or so, then allow to sit for a few days or up to a week for good measure, or using a heat-less method you'll need to allow it to sit for up to several months, otherwise you risk a portion of cannabinoids going to waste :)

    Once you notice there to be fewer and smaller, (or no) solid glandular particles remaining, your dragon/tincture is ready. Whether it's dragon or tincture, depends on the ratio of materials you use. Dragon is weaker (canna-wise) and usually implies that you're going to be drinking a larger quantity of alcohol to achieve the effects of the canna, where a tincture is more concentrated, and you'd only need a few drops down the hatch or under the tongue for the canna to hit you, making for a 'cleaner' feeling effect. That little hash could disolve in as little as half a teaspoon, or up to a shot (more would work, of course, but at that point it's less reasonable), you can decide which way you go :)
  4. Badkitty,
    Would i be able to make it with some jager?
  5. Well seeing as it is primarily thc, the tincture would be active in as little as 5 minutes of vigorous shaking.
  6. Since cannabis is alcohol soluble, you can use any alcohol you wish to produce a tincture. Remember that the tincture will give different effects than cannabis smoked. If you are using a lower percentage alcohol, allow a longer soaking period before use.

    In Everclear, I found that five minutes is plenty long to produce desired effects.
  7. Tincture is designed to address the problems of rapid medicine delivery and consistent dosing.They advised me that when making tinctures, avoid heat as much as possible,as it degrades the THC and diminishes the quality of the tincture.Squeeze a few drops into some alcohol, and you have Instant Tincture.
  8. Ill answer....I assume It could be done to some effect however the point of making dragon or tincture usually involves using a high proof alcohol to best extract the THC and jager is a low proof product with allot of other flavorings and shit in it. Stick with high proof alcohol for extraction.

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