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tincture flavoring

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by kush70, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Any suggestions for how to flavor a tincture so it doesn't taste like hell on fukn earth lol?Blueberry grape cherry whatever flavor I'm not too picky
    Second part ic the question is any suggestions on how to ingest as the tincture is? Or even if I have to reduce it more....
    Thr tincture does the job very well but man I'm not a fan of swallowing lightning to get there...
    I thought about putting 2-3 ML in water or coffe but that would make it even harder to control the doseage ...
    And it takes longer for the medicine to work
  2. @kush70
    Any basic food flavoring will alter the taste.
    Maple, Vanilla, Hazelnut ( Supermarket ) are the most common.
    Raid the cooking cabinet and see what's already there as you only need a drop or 3
    For the burn of high proof alcohol just thin with water.
    Place an eyedropper of tincture in a shot glass. Add a eyedropper or 2 of water and it'll lessen the hit to a much more tolerable level. Swish the mix in your mouth until it's gone.

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  3. The shot glass of water is really good. It not only gets to the sublingual tissues but the buccal as well. That's the other oral tissue like the inside of the cheeks and gums so you're gaining even more. Swish as long as you can before you swallow. I'm a wuss and can't stand the burn of direct sublingual so this is the way I do it.

    You can use flavoring to cover a bad taste but there are ways to make your tincture cleaner and taste like the buds it's made from. The water will help with that, too.. :)
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  4. You can also put your tincture in capsules and just swallow it. Takes longer to come on, but no taste.
    Reducing it is personal preference. I don't know how strong you want it to be, dispensed in drops like BNW, or in mls like you're doing now. In any case, enjoy, mate.
  5. Nice. Thanks a lot for all the feedback
    I'm gonna try some flavoring and water. That burn under he tongue is something else without it

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  6. I know I'm late to the party. But I use propylene glycol (PG) instead of alcohol. Same ratio. No burning.
    I now flavor it with The Flavor Apprentice-Lemon2.

    Double boiler to heat 27 ml PG
    Add 1g decarbed bho
    Let cool
    Add 3 ml TFA Lem
    For me, 2 droppers morning, noon, and night. ( I have a high tolerance) Under the tongue for a TV commercial break and wash down with a sprite.
    Use any of their 150 flavors. Although a couple on the site (raspberry) don't mix correctly.
  7. Np lol I haven’t been on here much
    I’ve been thinking about using glycerin And use it in a vaporizer pen but.....
    I’ve been pretty stuck on dabs for quite a while.
  8. VG will not mix without expensive emulcifier. I speak from experience. It'll be a bunch of oil dots floating around. PG had no problems. I ingested in all forms. Look what's in front of me now[​IMG]

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