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Tincture - 1st Time, Am I Ready? Extra Step Necessary?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by ion, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Hey Grasscity!
    I have gathered about 100g-150g of high grade cannabis already activated/decarboxylized saved from my vaporizer. I have a few liters of Global 94% which is ethanol 94% & is the Canadian equivalent of Everclear!

    From my understanding what I need to do is to is inside a bottle/jar, simply pour the alcohol over the cannabis so that it covers it, cover it back up and let it sit for a few weeks. Occasionally shaking the bottle up and down. The amount of cannabis I will use will be at a "ratio of (minimum) 1 gram of weed to 35 mL (1 fluid ounce) of alcohol, although some people use up to 6-7 grams per 35 mL". I will be leaning more towards the 6-7 gram range as I have a high tolerance!

    A lot of recipes are saying that an extra step is needed for a water batch where the activated cannabis and alcohol are put on low heat over the stove as described below:

    "Take activated plant material & measured alcohol & place inside your cooking container, & take this and place it in the pot of water for water bath (like a double boiler). Turn on stove & cook the mixture @ 168-172 for 20-35 minutes stirring every 5mins or so, not letting the temperature get over 173F (boiling point of alcohol)."

    I do no see the logic in the additional step and if anything it only seems to complicate a perfectly simple thing! Please advise!

    Sincerest thanks!
  2. I would use PsychedelicSam's tincture recipe. Also be aware that AVB is not always totally decarbed after vaping. The problem is the amount of additional decarb needed would be unknown. You can avoid this by making your tincture and storing someplace warm and dark for three months. I don't see any need for the double boiler step unless you want to reduce the amount of tincture by cooking off some of the alcohol. I'd give you PSam's recipe, but don't want to steer you wrong if I get something wrong in posting the recipe. Good luck, ion. Keep us posted on what your do and how it turns out!
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    I want to keep this simple guys, for dummies type of thing! This is my 1st time just to remind you.

    Will it work if I pour my alcohol 94% over as to cover my vaped weed aka decarbed weed, shaking the bottle once in a while and keeping it at room temperature for 2-3 months!

    Will that work? I thought this was the simplest method of making an edible! Decarb, cover with high proof alcohol, let sit 2-3 months, bada boom bada bing.....Am I missing something?

    ps. No offense but the recipe you linked me seems complicated enough with pictorials and everything! I was under the impression this was the single easiest method of making any edible period, easier than butter, easier than anything else! Now I'm not so sure!
  4. PSam is good with dummies, he helped me after all!
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  5. If you have the time and don't mind the taste then you'll be fine. That is the easiest way, after all. If it's too weak when you're finished, just let it evaporate some which will concentrate it.

    Keep in mind that AVB is not necessarily decarbed. :)
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  6. Kudos to the guy actually answering your question. He's 100% right. As long as you get enough ethanol to cover the cannabis product, it will dissolve the cannabinoids into solution. Then, the concentration is simply the total amount of cannabinoids divided by the volume of ethanol. Simply put, once it's all in solution, the more you let it evaporate, the more potent the remaining liquid will be.
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    ^^^^ lol no kidding!

    I asked what I thought was a very simple question to a very simple procedure and what I got was a 474 page thread (post #3).

    PsychedelicSam I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart, bless you! You too Tiny...btw were you just waiting to see if someone would actually answer my question & throw in the towel eventually?! lol
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  8. ion..
    High proof alcohol is an excellent solvent and does it's job of stripping the trichomes nearly instantly.. Soaking longer is just adding waxes and chlorophyll you really don't want in your tinctures for the most part.. Ohh some do but I'm guessing your after the high and the green plant matter is of lesser concern..
    Decarb weed = 40-60 minutes 220-240 degs F sealed dish, foil bag, oven bag..
    Freeze weed and alcohol.. Fast wash shake 15 to 30 seconds.. Pour off alcohol.. Toss weed.. Done deal.. The less alcohol you need to use the more potent your tincture will be..
    I do my concentration on the front side with dry ice and then just blend the resulting 160 micron kief with ever clear 151 as that's the best I can get here..

    1 gram of decarbed 160 micron hash-kief to one ounce of 151 drinking grade grain alcohol
    A couple of eyedroppers worth in your beverage or under your tongue is a good hit..
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  9. I don't always check for new threads so sometimes one will get by me. I keep an eye on any tincture related ones when I can. Because I do maintain that 474 page thread and others, I don't always respond to threads like this right away in the hopes that others will answer the specific question. If it were something that only I might be able to answer, I'll respond as soon as I see it but yours was pretty straightforward and anyone familiar with Green Dragon should have been able to answer it. If I see that it's just getting no response or insufficient response, I will make sure the OP gets the answer before too long.

    When I saw that someone had referred you to my long thread for this simple question, I knew it was time. I won't tell anyone to read it because it's so long and rambling. Even though there is a table of contents, these days I prefer the personal interaction so if you have any further questions, now that you know about that thread, don't be afraid to ask or comment. :pimp:
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  10. Thank you everyone for being so helpful and understanding!

    Believe it or not, I've yet to start the tincture as I've been busy moving however I was going to do it right after checking my thread again to see any updates.

    I was going to proceed this very moment but BrassN made a comment that made me doubt myself:
    "Freeze weed and alcohol.. Fast wash shake 15 to 30 seconds.. Pour off alcohol.. Toss weed.. Done deal.. The less alcohol you need to use the more potent your tincture will be.."
    What exactly is he referring to? I assume its a different process for him since he uses kief...or is there some other reason for his reasoning in freezing & fast washing/shaking.

    I know that a tincture must be held for about 2-3 months, occasionally shaking the bottle. Should I ignore that rule to keep it simple & efficient?

    One more thing, I also have a bunch of fan leaves, small leaves, and trim (almost shake). These have been completely dried after which they were placed in the freezer in (separate) paper bags.

    What is the decarboxylation time for:
    1. Leaves
    2. Trim

    Much love!
  11. You had mainly been asking if the method you described would work, not if that was the best way. The "best way" is going to depend on your parameters. The "sit and wait a few months" method is of course going to be the easiest and was a tried and true method for all kinds of herbs. Most alcohol spirits are 40% or less which is why a long settling period is utilized. This method pulled all the compounds from the herb, good and not so good. The taste can be intimidating, for one, but as an overall medical tincture it works very well. It may very well decarb as it's sitting for a long period.

    Having said that, there are other ways to extract your cannabinoids without getting most of those other unwanted compounds like chlorophyll. It really only takes a few seconds for high proof alcohol to strip the cannabinoids from the trichomes. If you freeze your material and get your alcohol freezing cold also, the trichomes will become brittle and fall off which allows them to be more readily accessed. The freezing cold alcohol will then strip those trichomes, just leaving husks, and the freezing temperature of the alcohol inhibits the extraction of the chlorophyll which often gives you a gold tincture instead of green. The longer the material is exposed to the alcohol, the greener it will be.

    BNW was giving another one of the easier methods that will give you a good product. With herb I like to do a rinse but with hash that's not as big a deal. There are many variations and I advise the one that works best for you. My whole thread is based on those variations and the how they can best be adapted to a person's specific circumstances. Believe me, if it was so simple the thread would have been archived long ago.

    Decarb time for all material-bud, trim, fan leaf-should be decarbed @ 240°F for 40 minutes, preferably with an oven thermometer. The trim and leaf don't need to be ground up prior to that.:)
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  12. Thank you Sam, might check the thread after all but I think I got all I need from this. I am going to put my decarb herb into a big jar and cover it with 94% ethanol, will leave it in a place for 3-4 months and simply shake the bottle every once in a while. Maybe leaving some of the alcohol to evaporate to get it to a higher level of concentration.

    My intended use is simply having a medical grade tincture, that will get me good with a few drops like those shown in the picture. I got tincture before from my dispensary and it was green however I don't care about the chlorophyll since all it is, is plant matter however if there is something to worry having chlorophyll please let me know since one of the biggest points of tinctures is creating a safe alternative to smoking.

    P.S. PsychedelicSam, you use your herb twice? Is that what you meant by doing a 'wash' on you herb? You've been extremely helpful btw, many thanks!
  13. Yes, that's correct. When you initially mix the alcohol with the dry material, some of that alcohol gets absorbed by that material and no matter how hard you squeeze, you won't get it all. For that reason, I do another round of fresh alcohol to rinse the material. The material is already loaded so doesn't absorb the fresh alcohol. You can get an additional 20% or more of the cannabinoids and the only retains a negligible amount.

    There's nothing wrong with what you're doing for a good medical tincture especially since you're aware that it's potency can be attained by simply letting some evaporate. Get comfortable with what you're doing and when it's finished you can decide if you want to explore other options. I'm not going to sit here and tell you one way is better than another. Most people don't realize that the key to a good tincture is the ability to concentrate it and then they think they have a weak product and abandon the endeavor. :rolleyes:

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