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Tin foil

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by piffcity09, May 28, 2009.

  1. Is tin foil really that bad for you if you smoke from it in moderation?
    I just made homemade bong with tin foil bowl because i could find NOTHING else:(
  2. Nah you should be good if you're just making ends meet for a session or two.

    It gives you a funny little ringy feeling in the back of your throat though, pretty weird.
  3. once in awhile as a quike screen its fine. just tin foil bowls. that used daily are BAD!
  4. Get some papers or a piece you underage kids.
  5. go buy some papers or a dutch or some type of glass dude the weeds not goin anywhere
  6. foil is bad in general, just make an investment in papers or a piece, its better for you, youre already harming yourself by smoking why would you want it to be worse by using foil and such
  7. Foil is fine to cook with, its general purpose, but when you BURN it, the combustion is definatly going to take fumes and chemicals with the marijuana smoke. If you absolutly have to, use it once.
  8. Foil isn't fine to cook with. Most people are just fine with it.

  9. Just cause he is usin tin foil doesnt mean he is underage. I am 18 and I own a piece, and always have papers. Every now and then ill make a homemade bong and ill use a tin foil screen. Sometimes you just want some water filtration and a nice bong milk.

    Yes it is bad for you.

    No, you wont notice any difference if you do it a few times. Once a week for the rest of your life and yes, you will get some health side effects. Once in a while, like desperate situations, maybe 25-30 times total in your lifetime, that wont make a difference.
  10. Either way, it is entirly differnt to heat something up rather than to burn it.
  11. I'm not sure man, I wouldn't use tin foil even if it was for just one session. I'm too scared to use it. But I've got glass and papers on hand all the time.


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