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  1. When you foil up your grow space which side do you have showing the shiny side or dull.. Ive seen dozens of posts but im none nor wiser...?
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    the shiny side so the light can bounce off it :smoke:
  3. ive heard tinfoil will burn your plants..
  4. i read of people using tinfoil on there grow,but yea i agree i quess you could have that problem of burning your plants.I have never used tinfoil,but you got to think of that
    problem if you are thinking of using it :smoke:
  5. The dull side. Put the dull side out. I'm not sure why, but if you go and use the search function, you will find that people tell you to put the dull side out if you HAVE to use tin foil. Go out or online and buy some mylar. It's not too expensive, and it's way better. No hot spots.
  6. sorry dude maybe i'm wrong,but thinking about it the shiny side would probally burn your plants.I have never used it so i would have thought use the shiny side,but i trust what the guys on here tell you cause there good ppl.I did not mean to give you false info :smoke:
  7. Shouldn't it be shiny coz that's the whole point?
  8. If you can afford foil you should just buy flat white paint it works to reflect just as well and is a lot easier to work with.
  9. in my grow space its already white as it came but not sure if its gona reflect its like the plastik coverin over wooden wardrobes u no wat i mean fella's .. n as for the tin foil i though the whole point of it was to have the shiny side out but like a few of u guys said it could burn your plant and i could see that hapenin u no with all the wrinklels u make trying to put the stuff up.. anyways thanx u lot .. id make a picture journal but im no good at that stuff i duno wat to say hahaa

  10. sites selll black white plastic at like £1.25 per M length and its 1.25M wide, only thing that realy costs you is the p&p
  11. Titianium white paint is the most reflective stuff you can put on you're walls.
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    Disagree here totally, alumimium foil is more reflective than any white paint. It can´t even be described as having a colour. Other contributors have complained that it is so reflective that it can cause burning.
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    Titainium white paint is 97.2% reflective. Mylar being 98% (and thats good mylar) so if both are applied with NO impurities, creaes and such, then yes mylar is more reflective. Are you saying reflectivity causes burning? If so you are very wrong it is infact the creaes in the reflective material and the materials ability to reflect heat. As it can be concentated much like holding a magnifying glass up to the sun. If it were reflectivity of 98% or higher that caused burning what mad man would expose a plant to direct light?

    Edit:The best foil is only 88% reflective also.
  14. Sorry, what material is that you are quoting? Al foil or titanium (sp.) based paint or what ??
  15. ^^^^^^^

  16. all that for a quick question haha cheers lads your all a big help...

    wer wud i be with out u lot eh! :bongin:


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