Tin foil hat time

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    Tin foil hat time \t\t\t
    \t\t\t \t\t\t \t\t \t\t \t\tI finally did it, to stop the insant perstering of Telepathy I looked into the tinfoil hat remedy and guess what.....it works people, it works like a charm people.Soon I will be constructing a room made of this material, I will call it my safe room and ofcourse it will be the room I sleep in.

    I am looking for guidance on any other material stronger that aluminum foil that will block out these radio waves, microwaves or whatever they are. I think I need some Science in my life.

    *Visuals seem to come from the left side of my body but I do not know from which major organs. It is also present on both sides.
    *The third and fifth chakra is what brings Telepathy to life.
    *There are three major circles or levels of radiation that each correlate with all seven chakras. You could also call this the etheric mind, etheric body and the soul which lies in the middle...They all give off radiation.

    P.S I wrapped my crystals in tinfoil hehe!!!!!

    I just read this by peforming a quick search

    \t \t

    Don't know where I am going with this one but I am sure my Internal GPS will point me in the right direction will guide me
  2. Really?

    Like this?

  3. Good to have you with us again, UniversalLaw44. :wave:
  4. So your telling me nobody finds it interesting that the seven/nine chakra system gives off and receives electromagnetic radiation.
  5. Why are you afraid of the Waves?
  6. The waves hurt my organs specifically my liver, atleast that's what the voices in my head are telling me.:cool:
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    I don't think many on this forum understands energy and psionics.
  8. so, by doing this what are you actually hoping to achieve?

    i actually am interested btw dude incase you thought that was a sarcy comment lol
  9. My brother in law's brother is assaulted by waves. He has all sorts of remedies, like crystals and geodes and stuff.

    So you really see random visuals? Did you use heavy drugs at any point in your life?
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    Speaking of Psionics I magically found this website from this forum, it really stuck to me.

    PsiPog.net : Science is Evolving

    Very interesting stuff indeed.
  11. Who inspires these voices? Are you sure the Internet God isn't just spinning you a line?
  12. I think I inspire these voices myself. Am I this Internet God you speak of(AI for sort).

  13. Yea I stumbled PSI Pog and their irc a few years ago. They were really arrogant (at least at the time). I also felt I had a different direction and approach than they did so I ended up leaving. In my search for a community related to psionics I haven't found one of any use or interest to me yet.
  14. Unfortunately, this is true...

    Good luck with your tin foil. :eek: :wave:
  15. The funny thing about Telepathy is not only does the number of people needed to hold me up increase but the time spent with each person decreases. I find this really odd, it's like I am too heavy or something.

    Hold me up, I don't want to know whats down there!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  16. So, you use others for personal gain... go figure...

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