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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I"m new to the forum. I just have a specific question. I have been growing a female strain of Kush for 2 1/2 months now. She is 26 inches high, (I have not added nutrients yet). Buying them online tonight. All branches are weaved horizontaly, except for the main stem. (it was too thick to bend). Little shutes are growing up from the horizontal branches now. My question is, when will I know its time to flower? Is there a specific time in which to do so, or a rule of thumb?
    I have already cloned off of this one and have 5 strong clones that already have root systems and are about 6-8 inches high sitting in an aerogarden. I am trying to find a system that will flow. (Flower one, grow another, clone and do the same)
    I wanted to be able to clone off the big one, which I did. Then flower it, I just wanted to make sure that the clones took off. Now that they did, should I flower?
    Is there a specific size I am looking for before I flower?
    I have the big one in a Bubble bucket.
    Sorry for so may questions. Just excited to flower my first plant!! Please help!!!
  2. You can flower anytime you want the only difference is the yield. Go for it if you got clones your golden...

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