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  1. Week ten with this runtz auto and no changes in the trichomes for three days. Still clear. Y’all think I have enough photosynthesis to keep waiting going on, or just cut it down?

    Nutes are Jack's blossom booster 10-30-20, calmag and epsom salts.
    Spider Farmer sf-2000 led 200 watt
    Fox Farms Ocean forest soil
    Temp range 67 dark, 84 light
    20 on, 4 off
    Spring water ph 8.7 corrected to 6.5
    TDS out of the tap is about 100

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  2. Most auto's I run go 12-14 weeks. Regardless of breeder finish times. I'd let it go a few more weeks. You will be much happier with the outcome.
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  3. you can take a partial harvest, don't expect the tric s to flick all at once more like apples here and their.

    no biggy

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