Timewave Zero, 8-Circuit model of Consciousness, I Ching, Tarot

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    The basic formula of this pattern was given by Timothy Leary in his 8-circuit model of consciousness. It fits in very nicely with the pattern of the I-Ching, so I mention the tri-grams under the energy-types to help you interpret that, if you so wish. The 8 energy types represent the 8 horizontal rows of the I Ching, moving from top to bottom. The 3 'intensity-levels' track the progression of these energy types through the horizontal row, from left to right. The essential theory behind all of this fits in very well with McKenna's timewave zero formula. This pattern can be used to define all different 'types' of people, objects, and process. It can also be used to track every individual and society's evolution over time. Every point in space and time can be located using this formula.

    First I must give a brief explanation for what the 24 elements are. They describe the 'essences' of all processes and objects in the universe. There are eight different energy types, each one in a progressively higher 'essential' Energy level. Within each essential Energy level are three slots for 'relative' energy intensities. Here the Energy type progresses from lowest Energy to highest Energy. The Elements are further described using the Tarot deck, as well as general descriptions.

    These 24 elements, 8 by 3, represent the sequential evolution of both the individual and the species. There are 8 fundamental stages over time, sub-divided into three sections. Let this be called 'temporal caste.' They also represent the 24 individual object-types. Let this be called 'structural caste.'

    The 8 essential Energy types are labeled by A-H
    The 3 relative Energy types are labeled by 1-3

    Essential Energy: A
    Oral-Comfort; Taoist Trigram: Earth
    Relative Intensity
    1: A-1, low-Level Type-A Energy; Tarot: Fool
    2: A-2, mid-level Type-A Energy; Tarot: Magician
    3: A-3, high-level Type_A Energy; Tarot: Hierophant

    Relative Intensity: B
    Anal-Muscular-Dominant; Taoist Trigram: Thunder
    Relative Intensity
    1: B-1, low-Level Type-B Energy; Tarot: High Priestess
    2: B-2, mid-level Type-B Energy; Tarot: Emperor
    3: B-3, high-level Type-B Energy; Tarot: Empress

    Essential Energy: C
    Clever-Innocent Pre-Adolescent; Taoist Trigram: Wind
    Relative Intensity
    1: C-1, low-Level Type-C Energy; Tarot: Lovers
    2: C-2, mid-level Type-C Energy; Tarot: Chariot
    3: C-3, high-level Type-C Energy; Tarot: Strength

    Essential Energy: D
    Social/Sexual; Taoist Trigram: Mountain
    Relative Intensity
    1: D-1, low-Level Type-D Energy; Tarot: Hermit
    2: D-2, mid-level Type-D Energy; Tarot: Fortune
    3: D-3, high-level Type_D Energy; Tarot: Justice

    Essential Element E
    Sexual/Sensual; Taoist Trigram: Fire
    Relative Intensity
    1: E-1; low-Level Type-E Energy; Tarot: Hanging Man
    2: E-2; mid-level Type-E Energy; Tarot: Death
    3: E-3; high-level Type_E Energy; Tarot: Temperance

    Essential Element F
    Electric/Electronic; Taoist Trigram: Water
    Relative Intensity
    1: F-1, low-Level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Devil
    2: F-2, mid-level Type-E Energy; Tarot: Tower
    3: F-3, high-level Type_E Energy; Tarot: Star

    Essential Element G
    Genetic/Collective-Unconscious; Taoist Trigram: Lake
    Relative Intensity
    1: G-1, low-Level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Moon
    2: G-2, mid-level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Sun
    3: G-3, high-level Type-F Energy; Tarot: Judgment

    Essential Element H
    Non-Local Elements; Taoist Trigram: Heaven";
    Relative Intensity
    1: H-1, low-Level Type-H Energy; Tarot: Non-Existent, call it 'Singularity/Star-Maker'
    2: H-2, mid-level Type-H Energy; Tarot: Universe
    3: H-3, high-level Type_H Energy; Tarot: Non-Existent, call it 'Black Hole'

    This can be expounded upon infinitely, for all things.
  2. I realize the description on the meaning of each element/intensity is very brief, largely allusions to other systems. That's all I could do for now, given the breadth of the system. I actually got this thread from a computer program I wrote, and just translated it into normal writing. There are all sorts of visual/audio/examples that can be done/programmed with this system, so I will update.
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    Time wave zero? LOL!

    This theory didn't work out for you in the science forum, why do you think it will work here? Because you think people here know less about science and you're hoping to get some favorable responses. But, if anyone here is gullible enough to think that a system based on the I-Ching and Tarot have any meaning at all in terms of physics they need their heads read.

  4. Could you explain how this maps the evolution of sea turtles?
  5. Let us once again take a look at the mature look back at the time wave. This thing has been a failure since it was conceived.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccahhsL4gbI"]Psychedelics and the Timewave with Dennis McKenna (1 of 3) [/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmpcrwQmMVw"]Psychedelics and the Timewave with Dennis McKenna (2 of 3) [/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAo0dbLhYDY"]Psychedelics and the Timewave with Dennis McKenna (3 of 3) [/ame]

    Keep tripping I know I will but that does not mean i believe all the new age BS.
  6. mckenna influenced me for 2 years....i dropped out of everything to just trip and philosophize all day
  7. I thought Mckenna was cool to for a while, but then I realized everything he is saying is just some thought he had while tripping. I thought I was a convict serving a life sentence for a minute when I was tripping once. Not the most plausible source for knowledge
  8. everytime i eat SH****S i get into conversations about some THING......no one ever defines what the THING is. I always visualize the conversation as a vortex of metaphors that spiral down into infinity....the THING never reveals itself....damn...
  9. I don't get what your saying. What is SH****S? Some kind of drug?
  10. fungus....i dont want to get banned for talking about unmeantionables...they need to change that rule
  11. Yeah, It's not like we're discussing how to make or how to get them. There shouldn't be a problem to discuss our experiences , especially if it's related to the topic. Such as ******, ********,*******(******) and ***********************************************************************************.
  12. Still the main flaw with this whole thing is you can't just quantify how significant an event is and then make up some numbers and say they fit

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