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Timewarps while high (anyone else have these)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by l3uddy789, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hey GC i wanted to bring up something that used to happen to me when i would get really high. this only happened when i first started smoking like within the first month. i would have these like timewarps where i would be one place and the next instant i would be like in the other room. One time me and my friend in our freshman year of highschool had snuck out of his house to smoke in his yard and i remember being in the yard about to walk back to his window and then i was standing in his room. these timewarps were crazy and whenever they would happen i remember getting super excited and though they were so cool. anyway freshman year i got caught by my parents after about 6 weeks of smoking and i didn't start back up untill around my junior year and since then i havent had another experience like that.
  2. Yeah i had that my first time smoking:smoke:, and maybe 1/10 times after that, usually if i smoke alot fast, or if ive been on a break.
  3. yea im taking a T-break right now im gonna get super baked once im done and try to warp. haha its gonna be great.
  4. My perception of times becomes greatly altered when I'm high.
  5. Never had a timewarp per say, but time always goes insanely slow. One time I was zoning on my friend's couch for what I thought was at least 45 minutes. It had been 7
  6. Never had a time-warp, ive been smoking for years though, T-breaks too.

    But I have had times where time just went completly slow. I mean, you literally wouldve thought we were walking in place. (if you were walking with me)
  7. Yea I wouldnt call them timewarps but I do have that happen often. Its usally happens when Im super high and on a road trip. I will often wake up about 100 or 200 miles further then I realize. I also will end up down stairs and wonder how that happen etc. This also happens to me when I meditate.
  8. I also get a feeling that time has slowed down sometimes when i get high. i think the sensation is actually because our minds start processing our own thoughts so fast that everything around us seems to be slowed down. I've somewhat tested this theory in that once when i was feeling like everything was super slowed down because i was stoned. usually when i do math homework i can do it in my head but it takes me 2-3 minuetes depending on the problem, but when i timed myself it took me between 15-45 seconds to do the problems. maybe i just understood that material better idk someone else should also test out the theory
  9. I;ve had opposite experiences like that
    Like I'll just be thinking about something while walking somewhere then I snap into it and I'd only walked a few feet
  10. ya i know what you mean one minute your sitting somewhere and another your somewhere totally different and you can't remember how you got there because your so baked.
  11. when i am really baked my time perception gets all weird...sometimes it feels like 2-3 hours and its been not even 30 mins, or the other way around...just chillin for what seems like an hour and its been 4.
  12. My fave thing is smokin then getting in a vehicle then just closing my eyes and enjoying the ride...(someone else driving of course...)
    Goin around corners feels like we are goin in circles...
    The turns we make feels like they are taking 30 minutes...
    I'll close my eyes then open them 5 seconds later thinking we had been going around the same corner for the past half hour...
  13. I've only had the time warp thing once, but I've had the feeling of "Waking up" every two seconds a good few times when I was first smoking. The time warp thing was pretty scary when it did happen though, I'd only had a few puffs on a joint, we went inside, and the next thing I knew we were in a completely different room :p
  14. you are so not 18 yrs old...

  15. no im acctually 19 im going through my second year in college at Austin Community College
  16. Yeah I have those sometimes... It's like one second I'm in the woods smoking and the next I'm at the register of a gas station buying some Arizona iced tea lol
  17. so many fightin words, when i'm high i think time is going so much faster than it really is.
  18. omg lmao
    i would totally freak if i ever got into a "timewarp"
    damn, i could hear my friends laughing about it already...
    I'd be like
    -OMG DUDE! WTF?!...
    where am I?
    weren't we like standing/sitting ___??
    this is freaking me out man!

    yup just like that..probably...

    time slows down for i'd be like thinking damn..we've been sitting here for mad long...::checks 2 minutes passed since we started? holy shit i thought it was like at least 30 mins..
  19. I just call them space outs.

    it happens to me all the time. Ill get high. come to at work. and go HOLY shit im at work. WTF!. then walk out back and take a hit. then space out again. and go holy shit its been 8hrs already. time to go home.
  20. I've had plenty of these happen to me ever since I started smoking more than 2 grams of hash a day. It used to only be when I first started but now its an everyday thing. Its not uncontrolable though. It's just the short term memory being erased from my mind I say. Whenever I take T-Breaks. I always remember everything very clearly but when i smoke a bunch of hash. Sometimes I'll drive 30 minutes from town to my mountain house. Get there with my friends then ten minutes later both of us are totally confused on how we got there. Were both just like. "how the hell do we not remember the drive home" but we both know that its fine because it happened and everything will be ok

    Side note

    Acid, most mind shattering experience I've ever had in life. Really made me look at things the way they are rather than how I wanted them to be viewed. Its really opened up my view on things and its great.

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