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Times you smoked ... and you probably shouldnt have

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pgs king, May 26, 2009.

  1. so most of us have been in a situation where it would definitaly have been best NOT to have been... enjoying the herb... before whatever it was you were doing. either that or you were a little more out of it that you would have wanted.

    here is my example:
    i had a water saftey instructor class (it was me, my friend, and like 10 people who were in thier 40s-50s about). The lady teaching the class was so annoying, and did everything down to the letter. half the class was in a classroom watching instructional videos, and the other half was in the pool, hands on learning on how to teach others how to swim. so she gives us a lunch break, and says we will be in the classroom the rest of the day. my friend and i are like hey, lets toke it up since were just gunna be watchin these boring ass videos anyways. so we get baked as shit before, then we go in and she says she changed her mind and we will be in the pool! we go to the pool and have to "teach the rest of the class" a certain lesson. it required so much thought and preparation, and me and my friend had to do it high as balls. it was terrible. we managed to get though it, but i never would have smoked before if i knew i was going to have to do that.

    so... tell your stories about when you smoked and probably shouldnt have
  2. well, not me but the other day my friend ( who, if he is tested positive for THC will go to juvy for the first month of summer) didnt blaze for two weeks, and he was chilling with us all day without smoking and then came to my house that night and blazed 3 spliffs and a fat J :D

    Needless to say, I really hope I'm not the reason he goes to juvy since they might test him this week.

    I sort of sound like a dick, huh?

    well he took a few hits before he came over so his 2 week streak was already blown :smoking:
  3. ??? how hard is it to teach someone how to swim??? I can function just fine when i'm baked. I can do any task sober just as well as being high
  4. right before finals... dumbest mistake ever
  5. ok i dont think you understand, i was being CERTIFIED to teach people how to swim, so it needed to be perfect 30 minute lessons that we had to come up with on the spot. otherwise the lady teaching it would become very angry because we didnt do it perfectly. believe it or not, there is a certain way to do each stroke, and if your stroke is wrong, then the kids stroke will be wrong. it makes sense
  6. the times i smoked when i shouldnt've.........every single time i've been caught by my folks:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  7. shit man

    thats all I can say :D

  8. Agree Shit sucks.

    I got some strawberry cough and i figured "hey i can blaze this shit up in the bathroom like some mids". So after packing a little bowl and getting 4 good hits i can safely say i was retarded. I was retarded enough to open the door, turn the exhaust fan off, and leave the door open. Mom comes home and BAM!, im busted. But i turned on the water works and we me and my mom had a very emotional hug. After that, nothing was said about it haha.
  9. A lot of times while being way to drunk.
  10. 1. When I was really drunk to begin with, and smoking yet another bowl would have merely knocked me the fuck out (thus allowing my friends to sharpie doodle my whole face), yet I did so anyway.

    2. Before going to the eye doctor (optometrist), man that was funny. It was so hard to focus on all those fucking bright lights and shit, and it was good they didn't dilate my eyes otherwise I'd be fucked!
  11. yeah... one time, a couple weeks ago. i didnt know this, but my father brought his girlfriend AND my sister to dinner that night, when he said he would be out. they came home in fact, sat down, put dinner out, and right after i was done smoking a bowl. low lowwww tollerence, so i was pretty blazed. dont get me wrong, ive been high around my rents alot. but not for dinner, i hate doing this because it makes me feel like an asshole for them putting food in front of me and i cant keep a convo up cause im stoned. it turned out pretty nice though... ended up having a decent time, good laughs. at one point my sister was trying to get meat out of a crab leg with her knife, i leaned over and wispered to her (because it looked like she was trying to...) "trying to find the g-spot?" needless to say she got mad. fuckin lulz.
  12. well im going to job corps in about 3 weeks i was clean for 2 months but on saturday my navi broke well it was the tire rod on the passenger side it snapped so that wheel dont move for shit now and i was all pissed so i smoked 2 blunts

    they are going to call me anywhere from 3weeks to 3 months for job corps hopefully im clean again by then but i def shouldnt have smoked........
  13. Me and a couple buddies were up in his room above his families garage and we were smokin a couple J's. So his mom was down the stairs and right out the door cleaning something in the garage so it was obvious that we would get caught. Which we did. :/
    Shoulda known better.


    My grandad was wanting to teach me how to drive standard. One morning my friend and I were tokin up and my grandad texted me saying that instead of the lesson the following day he wanted to do it that day. So I' m like.. ok, see ya soon.

    I'm drivin down this long ass country road back and forth stop go stop go for about 2 and a half hours... sooo lame.
    It wasn't really a bad time though..nothing bad happened. :)

  14. Same thing happened to me , except that it was my dad not granddad :D Never thought cruising with my dad could be so chill . I also noticed i drive better high. kind of like afroman..
  15. Right now because I could never pass a DT to get a job.. :)

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