Times you have been jipped/fooled/scammed involving WEED

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dude Pass It, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Got it

    Stoner at heart
  2. Oh dam that sucks . Was the weed good at least? And what's wrong with smoking frozen weed?

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  3. I don't understand how people confuse oregano for weed. Even before I ever bought weed, I'd smoked it with others and seen pictures online.

    I've never really been ripped off buying weed. I've been shorted a few times, but there are so many dealers around that it's easy to just never go to one who fucks around like that. Also since last year there are legit stores selling it where I live :D
  4. Theres a lot wrong with frozen weed but yeah at least we had something to smoke!

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  5. Theres a lot wrong with frozen weed but yeah at least we had something to smoke!

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  6. I've been had by 3 outta the 4 dealers I've went to, talkin bout dank but they sell you some dirt shit to try and make a quick buck. One of them was actually related to me. Fuck em all.

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  7. Oh wow a few times, when the mans out and you have to go into the woods to get it, you deal with some scumbag loser Crackheads and stupid me gives them money, my fault I know, but needing bud can alter your better judgements, I got had 4 times.

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  8. That's sad, family? :(

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  9. Some chick who I thought was chill did a 20 min trek down to my local train station to sell me a 50 bag of (get this).... fucking silly putty coated in oregano... the bitch literally slipped that shit in my pocket as i handed the greenbacks then dipped, chased her down to the platform but her fucking tall ass eshay boyfriend was waiting and 15 year old me shat myself and just bounced. the cash was mostly my buddy's and safe to say I felt like a fucking idiot that night lol, never been jipped that hard since
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  10. That truly sucks :(
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  11. Yup, I know it sucks but he's been smoking and buying weed for way longer than me, so I know he knows the difference from shit weed and good weed, he still sold it to me, I feel like he needed a quick buck...

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  12. Never really been jipped competition is tough out here dealers appreciate their customers but the closest I been was buying an 8th for 30 and being told it was 3.5 and it came out to 3g flat

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  13. Gave someone $100 and they were going to get me whatever hash or bud they could get, I was fine with either. He had to run to his dealer and get it. Well the dealer got raided the week before and got all his weed taken so everything was dried up. I live in an area that's really hard to get any connections - weed is scarce. Long story short I spent a total of 10 hours waiting around for this guy who kept saying "meet me here at x time and I'll have it today" I'd sit there for an hour or two and wait for the dealer to show up, never did so I lost $100 bucks. The last time I went to meet the guy, he never showed and stopped answering calls/texts. Learned that lesson.

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  14. Twice from people I've never met previously. 2 people walked away with my $20 and didn't come back like they said they would. A different guy was in my car and told me to step out of my car so his uncle could see that I wasn't suspicious enough to not give weed to (which doesn't make sense), so I did and he kept the $30 I gave him and took my wallet which had I'm guessing about $50. He got out, walked away and told me to not move or he would shoot me, but I didn't see a gun.
  15. Just today, I went to this park to meet a guy I haven't
  16. The other night a dude tried to have me pay him over for weed

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  17. I've never been ripped off, but I had a small career in selling weed in High School and would sell all my shitty stuff to this mexican freshmen and his buddies lol. They all pretended to be high off it when they smoked with each other to be cool so nobody called it out on how shitty it was lmfao. Easily made $450+ off of him over the months until his mom searched his room and flipped tits.
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  18. Searched his room and busted his oregano stash? xD
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  19. Lmfao right?
  20. My mom found my dealing stash when I was a mid teenager... 2oz of some of the best stuff I'd ever smoked in the trash. Still remember how good that P-express smelled... I love her though.

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