Times you avoided being stolen from

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  1. Wassssssuuuppppppp

    I just wanna start a thread to ask you guys to post stories about times you have nearly been stolen from but realised and avoided it ?

    A couple of days ago this dude I have previously stolen weed from (before the karma fanboys cause a ruckus, this guy has stolen AT LEAST 20x the amount of weed I stole from him from other people) and 2 other dudes were going to front a score bit(dub) but just as we're about to meet dealer he says he needs a shit and is going home and we were to wait round the corner from the meeting place on him. Alarm bells are ringing to me now I'm getting suspicious

    5 mins later I just say I'm going in and don't want to throw in towards this bit because of my suspicions so we wait at the bit he was meant to meet dealer to tell him before he fronts it in case he wouldn't be able to pay full money without my contribution

    10 mins later he walks around and ALREADY HAD THE FRONTED WEED. My suspicions were correct and he obviously just got us to go round corner , fronted it , went to his house and took a bit and I know he did this because he was already heading towards his house when we left him so he came back thinking he could outsmart me and I wouldn't know

    Thank god my suspicions kicked in lol this guy obviously wants his revenge but underestimated me haha
  2. well this was a hard read
  3. If you don't want to get ripped off bring a scale. Any good dealer will have no problem weighing in front of you, and should even have a scale of their own.
  4. Hey man I noticed your an angry pheasant!

    I fought an angry turkey once, relation?
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    I had a close call i even made a thread about it. My friend for years was gonna sell me an 8th so i met up and this kid who i hate comes and he says he forgot his scale but he has the bud. He has it wrapped in the napkin and says he will show i to me once i gave him the money i say hell no and he tries jumping me but i wooped his ass. Found out later it was grass wrapped in a napkin. Close call, almost lost $60
  6. One time I accidently left my grinder in a friend's car, I asked him about it and he denied for about a good month. Eventually I saw him at a party rolling up and BANG there was my grinder. I snatched it and told him that we are no longer friends... It still had some reg left in it. :/
  7. I fought a dude after he pulled a knife on me lol, he wanted mine and i ended up taking his.

    It was wierd, he was bald and skinny and as he was walking by, he had his arm completely stretched out, if i would of kept walking his forearm would of been at my neck, and then i noticed the knife, he had his arm like that for like half a block before that i was like what the fuck?
  8. I had a week of insanity when half of my stuff got stolen out of my room by this kid zach this was the first time I legit threatened to shoot someone with a gun, I got my stuff back and collateral so I didn't hurt him haha

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