times in your life where you fell off track but got back on?

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  1. i was just thinking today about this. I'm only 20 and only been livin on my own for about 2 years. but I was really good at my hobbies in HS, mostly because I was forced to be on a routine though. I recently left college because I was jus disillusioned with it basically and now I'm trying to get a job, maybe then things will start to come back together more when I have a job schedule..I used to workout a lot and do my hobbies and I feel stupid for just simply having no motivation nor discipline these days to reach my full potential. I was jus wonderin if anyone wants to share times in their life things got messy but eventually u felt like u were back on track or on a different track. just for the heck of it i guess. it's on my mind a lot lately.

  2. Keep working out man it's one of the best things you can do with your life - get big and strong and eat big! It will take a few years but it's a routine and the pump you get in the gym feels amazing 
  3. I was off track for seven whole years because my folks wanted to try and control and influence every aspect of my life, i finally got on track the day me and my dad went to see a psychologist. He said we should go because he was pretty confident i had a personality disorder because i just couldn't get my life on track, the way HE saw fit anyways. 
    i idolized this man for the better part of my life but near this time, i began to become bitter towards him and didn't know why, when we went it was for a full hour, for 25 minutes of that hour he sat there and argued with the psychologist about how he was wrong and he knew better than he did and how i was wasting my life, yadda yadda, those were probably the most eye opening moments of my life, realizing that my dad was totally fucking nuts and i was fine. 
    So yeah, realizing that where i was at was totally fine and i was fine and what i wanted to do, whatever that was, was fine, after those moments i was back on track.
    Him reaming me out and me being forcing myself to use so i could escape was a vicious, vicious cycle, i hadn't realized it was going on for 7 years but yeah, the first time i smoked a joint after that i got to actually enjoy it and not because i had to escape some bullshit, was one of the best moments of my life.
    Meh, first world problem shit when you chalk it up tho. 
  4. @[member="IvGotMilk"] haha fyi I'm a girl. but yeh I agree. I used to be like a "serious" athlete in HS, nothins better than being on top of your game physically, it's a good feeling, because your gettin all your confidence from your own source of hard work i guess. like I could be runnin at D1 and D2 colleges easy if I went thru with it. but it was a bad time in my life towards the end and then after HS . shitty how things work out. part of my problem is I went from runnin and do crazy workouts 6 days a week to jack shit n now I feel like i jumped off a cliff like really jus blank. my plan is to get a job and work it back into my routine. everyday I dont workout in some way i sorta just get anxious about it.
    and yeah i think we all go thru a phase were we realize the people around us aren't livin our lives for us and we got to break off from them, figure things out for ourself. dealt w/my mom like that but not to that extent. and yeah funny how highs feel different depending on ur life outlook at the time. I dont even really like smokin when im in a down phase. did u like that psychologist stuff? i've been to this therapist, went twice now and so far it feels pointless. it's damn near free tho so i figure y not.
  5. Around 5 months ago, I was admitted to a psych ward for some crazy shit going on in my head and life. I went to a residential place afterwards and the whole time, I couldn't be honest with myself about facing the things I had to. So after attempts to end my lfie and going through treatment, I came out, with part of the same mentality that got me admitted in the first place. In the past few weeks especially, I've noticed me actually appreciating myself, life, and for the first time in a while, other people. I've found it within myself to accept others back in, and genuinely care about people too. I would have never seen myself where I am now 6 months ago.

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