Times Are A Changing Again?

Discussion in 'General' started by ninjasquirle, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hey guys don't noticed if guys watched the news on cannabis but I just noticed articles being published all over the place on a new study linking cannabis use and lower risk of diabetes and obesity. The great part is the study is being published in big name newspapers and magazines as well as online. Personally I think if people wrap the idea of cannabis being able to help in weight loss it will probably spark quite a bit of interest from new people into the plant. Also gotta say on an slightly unrelated note I was born with asthma and eczema both pretty bad (regular asthma attacks and skin like a crocodile), however after I started smoking three years ago both have gone into complete remission. My asthma (pollen allergy) only acts up if I don't smoke within about a week but the eczema takes a bit longer to get going again. So it obliviously doesn't cure my conditions but then again nothing does and its better than inhaling steroids or getting a shot of xolair (omalizumab) every other week.
    Honestly the last one is the most surprising, who would think Fox would post a cannabis friendly article?

  2. Also anyone else notice what pictures they used here? Both CBS and Fox used close ups of people toking up which can be kind of negative image to a non smoker particularly of the fox variety. However Time magazine's picture looks like they hired an adult photographer to come in and get the camera to make sweet love to the bud leaf. Really great clean picture of cannabis leaf actually.
  3. Weed is cool but as I get older I kinda wanna protect the youth from it because no matter what anyone says weed abuse is ugly. When I'm at the court balling I hate to see the youngins leave home to meet up at the park and toke it makes me wanna sit them down and have a talk with them

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