Timer screwup during flowering. Shit.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MostlyReputable, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Starting week 3 of flowering noe, but about a week ago I had a power outage, and my ballast turned off. Long story short, the timer got screwed up, it may have been on for 2-3 days straight, but has since been taken care of.

    Plants are already showing flowers, but I'm worried about Hermie, and all around just being fucked.

    From what I've read, one or two times won't hurt, but the light was on for 48-78 hours straight. Its back on schedule, but I'm pretty pissed, and thinking I just lost a harvest.
  2. I think you'll still get a good amount of flower thats a lot of light but it probably wont affect the plant to much try not to worry about it just keep those trichromes going and you'll have a fine harvest.
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  3. You'll just have to wait and see. It depends a lot on the strain you're growing and how sensitive it is. But definitely be on the lookout for seed pods. Not sure how long it'll take them to start showing up...if they're going to, but you definitely don't want to miss a plant that's turned and not take care of it. I've had them hermie on me before, but most of the time it's because they've been overstressed in some way. Hopefully, things will be OK. Hubs left a light on in our flower room for 24 hours one time and it freaked me out, but we didn't have any negative impact from it. You'll just have to watch and wait and see if you will. TWW
  4. Gotcha, from what I've been reading like you said it depends on the strain. Sativa are more affected/sensitive than indica.

    Currently growing

    Humboldt seed organization: Blue Dream, which smells orgasmic by the way.

    Barney's: critical kush, liberty haze, and critical kush.

    Last 3 are indica I think the liberty is a 50/50 though.

    Time will tell I guess. They seem to be fattening up, I just with the blue dream would stop growing verticals already! The light can only be raised 5 more inches and the stem is almost touching it. Not sure what negative effects would be caused by the top cola not being in direct light.
  5. Well, it seems my light went back to being happy for 2 weeks, then the ballast decided to just turn the remote/timer off. I think i caught it the day it happened, shitty fuckin japanese batteries......... Hopefully this (supposed) 2nd time with no dark period(first was up to 72 hours maybe) doesnt make them hermie, that would really really suck. They are looking fine right now, would post pics but comp not workin so good.

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