TimeLapse anyone?

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  1. Fooling around figured i finally try out the timelapse fotography feature on my camera.

    This is 15 minutes of my Baby Chocolate Chunk Plant waking up after the light goes on. Check it reaching for the light :)

    1 frame every 30 seconds it was taken at.

    What is very very very strange in this video is the light was already on for 2 hours and the leaves were already reaching...... My question is now... did i stubble onto something here? is the Infared beam the camera is shooting at the plant to focus it before it takes the shot making it reach even further upwards??? i mean that is ALOT of movement for 15 minutes when the light has already been on for hours.

    looks like an infared light study is going to be underway.

    anyways here is the vid
  2. So asically we may start seeing "infared" lights for growing soon?
  3. Nice little video!

    I don't have a clue what infrared light would do to a plant, but...

    1) The infrared beam is only one for a second or two for each photo, right? So 1 frame every 30 seconds for 15 minutes, that's 30 separate photos which is a total of 30-60 seconds or so of infrared. Seems like a small amount of light to impact the plant.

    2) The infrared beam is coming from the camera, from the side. So if it had any effect on the plant's movement, wouldn't the plant move toward the infrared light? Why would any kind of light from the side cause the plant to stretch towards a different light?

    I am confident that you will figure this out and let us all know. Thanks.
  4. some stuff i found on infared and plants


    and this is what is said by "lightbar" a company making LED Grow Lights.

    "Gardening Tips for Using LEDtronics LED-PlantBar Grow Lights ... This provides a small amount of infrared light which some plants find beneficial. ..."
  5. 1. No camera is on autofocus and is shooting the infared at all times keeping it in focus (the plants are moving by way of wind so its constantly aducting focus on the leaf right in front of the camera)

    2. not necessarily, from what im reading on the net, the plant sees light/dark via the amount of infared (red color) it senses, so adding infared would make it react better with the given light already on the plant, since i am using MH which is mostly blue section of the spectrum adding red would make it seem "Brighter" to the plant, and pant would still move towards the brighter light.
  6. This is indeed very interesting, just ran accross article of Nasa testing with infared for hydroponics as well.
  7. Interesting article. It talks about using an infrared camera that records infrared, not a "light" camera that uses an infrared beam for focus. That other quote about infrared being beneficial for plants may be the hot lead...
  8. Here we go :) proof plant will grow taller with infared :)

    Incandescent lighting (regular light bulbs) throw off alot of infared light, this would explain the massive stretching you get when using this type of light to grow.

    now what are the benefits of using regular light bulbs to give off infared along with MH??

    Guess we just have to test and see.... i mean we can see what happened in 15 minutes alone with a small emmiter focusing infared on the plant.
  9. Another Quote from the web (Alpens Heat Mirror for plant growth) essencially a mirror that gathers the light and adds infared.


    A few plants species (about 2%) have "far-red photomorphogenesis" requirements in the area of 700+ nm (these wavelengths are in the boundary region between visible light and near infrared). Such plants types generally do grow well indoors but when supplemented with artificial light sources. Incandescent (not fluorescent) growth development is promoted two fold for these plant varieties.

    End Quote.

    Now is Cannibus in this 2% Species????
  10. Well easy test to perform, i put a 100w incandescent next to one of my supergirls thats the same height as the one next to it :) Shielded from the other plants naturally.
  11. Thats cool as hell man. I'm going to try and pick up a webcam to make a complete timelapse of my plants from germination to harvest.
  12. So whats up?... It work?
  13. yeah im really interested to know......whats the answer?
  14. fuck man pretty interesting...good job
  15. yah what happened??

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