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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AUD1OSlave, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. So this is really weird...

    one time i smoked a few bowls to myself and got the munchies, so i go to my fridge put 4 eggo's in the toaster and go back to my room. Totally forgot about them and burnt them up ofcourse, so i put 4 more in and go to my room...and burn them again just because i keep forgetting to go back and get them until i smell them burning lol

    and right now im making a pizza and it seems like time is going slow as fuck! i look at the corner of my screen for the time like every minute.

    anyone have experience with this? :smoking:
  2. i guess u havent been smoking for that long time if u only noticed this now. thats an usual effect of pot. :smoking:

  3. only like 4 years on and off

  4. thats really interesting. i was saying that because most 1st timers ive been smoking with noticed that. u havent felt it before?

  5. idk usually time isnt that much of a problem (dont really care about it) only while making food lol
  6. hahah yeah i'm pretty sure almost every stoner experiences that

    i ALWAYS forget when i leave shit in the microwave. most of the time i'm not even stoned.
  7. I love forgetting about food. lol. it makes me feel like a complete dumbass. and its funny as shit when your cooking and walk away and completly forget and then 20mins later. go Holy shit I was cooking something now what was it.

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