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  1. How come the time on Grasscity never matches the real time? I have it set on GMT, but the time is always slower than the actual time here....I was just wondering why that is
  2. l can post after and be seen before,lol.weird.[​IMG]
  3. because the clocks wrong!....lol....Peace out.....Sid
  4. It has to be the batteries.
  5. The GMT clock is too stoned to keep up..LOL
  6. well it's on grasscity time.

    you can't expect a bunch of stoners to get the time right.

    it is to simulate the time you spent smoking a bowl on the way here.
  7. It's indded the stupid baterries of the server, it's always a little behind, no matter how often I set it correctly!


  8. lol, it's ok...I thought it was just me!

  9. LMAO!

  10. LOL!!HAH!

  11. one smart cookie :) LOL
  12. It works fine for me, do u live in in GMT (greenwich, engalnd) time zone? if not select your time zone and it should work.

  13. "You last visited 02-23-2003 01:09 PM
    The time now is 04:53 AM."

    This isn't right and I have my time set right on my profile and I'm all confused now. Damn batteries went and screwed with me this time.

    The time is now 11:09 AM. It's like 6 hours off. Didn't use Energizer, did ya???
  14. lol.. I saw that too, and I thought I was really fucked up..guess it's not just me :)
  15. I just noticed it and was about to start a thread in here. I have mine on _-6 hours GMT (central time in states) and it says it's 5:07 AM.
  16. Better????

  17. Much Better! Thanks SJ!
  18. Hell yeah...much better!

    Thanks Super J!!!!!
  19. WOW!!! For the first time ever the time is perfect!!!

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