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    If I went back in time right now what would happen? Would say, everyone go on in this time line without me or would this time line just cease to exist and everyone just forget it happened? Also would I see myself in the past or would I be myself at that time? Just curious to hear your thoughts.

    Not sure if this belongs in the Philosophy forum, but if so if you could move it please. Thank You
  2. Well... if we went back in time right now you your tangible self you would traveling in the 4th dimension. After going back in the 4th dimension you would invaribly be changing the 5th dimension which is chance, or human interaction, and thus would most likley change everything in the world. Its amazing how one action so insignifigant can have a giant impact on everything...
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    *shrug* One really doesn't know I suppose. I like to think that time is linear, and that the present is the sum of it's past. Which would mean to me that if the past happened any differently at all, then the present would be different as well. To me, this would mean that a third party alteration to the past would certainly 'wipe' the timeline clean, rebuilding all events from that point onward to reflect the change.

    .. Just as moving a stone from the bottom of a pile of stones will cause the structure to reorganize itself automatically to it's most natural or inevitable resting point ..

    So, as I see things.. Changing the past would be equivalent to sacrificing the present that you know.

    But who am I? The whole concept is science fiction for all I know.

    It's an interesting thing to ponder..

    Consider this- if time travel were possible, then our history would/could be full of alterations by our future selves or even an entirely different species that evolved intelligence long after humans became extinct. Aliens and UFOs (if one believes in their existence and interest in us)- Could just as easily be something from this planet, only from a place in the future instead of a place in the universe. I imagine it might even be easier to travel to the past than to a distant galaxy. The gods of legend, appearing in flames and flying chariots, well why the hell not? They sacrifice their present, in order to build a better future for everyone. Could be happening over and over again, we'd be none the wiser, lmao.

    'course, If you were to go into the past, to try and change the course of evolution or mental development.. Knowing that no one would ever know that you did this, would you try to leave a message behind, one that only the next generation of time travelers would understand? a message that you could be perfectly certain would be delivered in time for them to understand and consider?
  4. I don't think the present would just disappear.

    But i do like the idea of going back in time to another galaxy, that way the chances of killing yourself by the butterfly effect is much smaller.
  5. At any time there is an infinite possibility of choices and futures. Instead of typing this message I could go to sleep, or run into town naked. They would surely have different results creating different time lines. Just to give you an idea on an insignificant level.
  6. we wont know and we will prbably never know

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