Time travel?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by grass roots, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. http://johntitor.com/

    this website is really interesting. I came into it laughing, and went out thinking entirely new thoughts... read it, and tell me what you think...

    "i want to believe"

  2. he's a bullshitter, you can't travel through time. There are threads on this in Spirituality and Philosophy, if ya want to see what other people think about this topic.
  3. bullshitter but his shit smells of roses.... he paints a picture that u cant figure out if its right side up or not... lol i would love to meet whoever that was and shake his hand... then slap him...... then smoke a joint with him and leave..... but never converse with him... that would give me a hemmrage in da brain er something
  4. wow. i hope its not true. John Titor said things would progressively get worse in 04' for the US. lets just watch.
  5. He does have a really good story. I found out about it before from this forum. It's really hard to discredit. The guy was smart about what he said. I've seen another person online somewhere that claims to be in a similar situation, but a little further in the future. Only problem is, this guy is a dumbass and it's completely obvious he's lying.
  6. its all mad to read.

    But i;ve done alot of reserch on time travel before. and it dosnt seem possible to go back it time, ever. slowing time down for yourself so what you could call "going forward in time" is possible. however.
    but i guess you'll nenver know till then, what age would i be. 70 something, so i'll still be around to go "Wait im remember summothing. that time travveler guy was BS'ing" or the other outcome "OMG! Time travvelers."
  7. Time is time. How could you go back in time? How could you be your age now, but back in time, with another person with the exact same DNA walking around. Just because this Titor guy used a lot of big words that the average person doesn't understand, does not make his story any more valid, it actually discredits it. On that site there are a bunch of what are called 'predictions' but they aren't really predictions at all. Example:

    November 02, 2000 01:16

    (1) I was just about to give up hope on anyone knowing who Tipler or Kerr was on this worldline.


    <http://www.usc.edu/dept/LAS/english/courses/dilligan/projectsSp2000/timetravel/ bacwtt.html>


    Let me just say this. Time moves forward, at a constant rate, and cannot be changed by anything at all. PERIOD.
  8. The diagrams for that machine would most likely make a black hole before a space-time rift.
  9. "Let me just say this. Time moves forward, at a constant rate, and cannot be changed by anything at all. PERIOD."

    and our servay sez! WRONG!!

    traveling thru space slows time down for the item travveling, this is why satilites experience 2 mins less each year than anything on earth. so at the end of the year, they are 2 mins younger than everything on the planet

    so the faster u travel the slower time is for you, but nobody else. understand?

  10. No, give me some proof. Or atleast some links. Can you not see how those satellites existed for the same amount of time in space as they would have if they were sitting in a storage unit here on earth?
  11. they are there. just travveling at a differnt speed thru time. they do there jobs just the same because of it. just do a serch for it, you'll find some links. time is constant yes, but you can travel thru it(forwards) at a differnt pace

  12. You've got nothing. You probably don't realize it, but you are just agreeing with what I said. Different speeds and paces don't connote any change in the measurement of time. If you spend your whole life driving in a car at 60 mph and your identical twin spends their whole life sitting in a chair, and you die at the exact same time, you would have been alive for the same amount of time(besides differences in birth time). I shouldn't have to write that, as it is common sense.
  13. It's been proven that velocity affects how you experience time. Scientist used a similar system to the atomic clock and sent it into space on a shuttle. When it came back, it was no longer synchronized with the real atomic clock. So, with a fast enough speed, and a long enough time, you technically do exist longer to the outside world, but the time you experience is the same.

    Also, there are scientists working on a "time travel machine." The thing about it is, it requires a machine on both the transmitting and recieving ends. That means, once it turns on, you should be able to travel back to any from any point int the future, theoretically.

    Another thing, if we can create a stable, manmade wormhole (I know, probably hundreds of years away from that ability) large enough to pass a ship, or even just a stream of data through, we could encase one end of it in an antigravity field (another technology that would have to be improved from the tiny amounts of anti matter we are able to create presently), then we could one end of the wormhole around near the speed of light for a good long time and then, theoretically, both ends of the wormhole would exist in different times (based on the proven principle that times slows down at high speeds). It would be possible to send things back or forward.

    Yet another idea often talked about is breaking the speed of light. It's often said it can't be done, but there are particles that travel above the speed of light that require energy to slow down to the speed of light. I think the speed of light may just be a barrier, that once broken, it would be easier and easier to go faster. It's been theorized, but I don't think any math has been done to support it, that you could possibly move back in time once breaking the speed of light.

    And one last thing is how do you know there is no possible way to travel in time? Just because most of society says it's wrong doesn't mean it is. Earth used to be the center of the universe. Atoms used to be the smallest building block of matter. These were things people KNEW were true, yet were proven wrong. There's the argument that time travel is impossible because we've never seen time travelers. That doesnt take into account the possibility of life elsewhere (on the billions of other planets able to support life that may or may not have or have had life not to mention intelligent life) that could have developed the ability, while we, as a species, may not ever find that breakthrough. Also, going back to the above machine, you may need something on the recieving end to accept time travel. If that's the case, we won't see travelers until we develop the technology.

    I said one last thing before, but now I'm going to go on. Why do these threads keep coming up? It's intriguing. It's something to think about. It's something that hasn't been solved, yet, that's intrigued man for years and years. Why do the same people respond? Maybe because the same people visit the spirituality and philosophy forum. Maybe because the same people have an open mind about it being a possibility and are willing to theorize about it. Maybe because the same people are fairly well versed in science and theoretical physics. Maybe because the same people want to share their opinion and see how it stacks up against how other people think so that they can revise their thoughts and come up with the most logical solution. Maybe the same people like to question the rules and the laws of everything, want to know how and why things work, and what are the exceptions. There are tons of reasons. Don't go berating people because they think differently because of you. You're entitled to your belief that time only flows one way and there's nothing you can do about it, and I'm not going to say you're absolutely wrong. I'm going to say that I believe there is a possibility and we will never know for sure unless we discuss it, work out the possibilities, math, etc and find out.

    Just my .03, kinda long to just be .02

  14. You wrote way too much. lol.

    edit: But yes, you are right, nothing can be proven in science so I don't actually know anything. I will say that it is possible, but so highly unlikely you can't even fathom how close I am to being sure we can't time travel.
  15. I got ready to type that last post and went, "Shit, I better limit what I want to say." But then I started typing and a lot more came out. I could still go on if I wanted to.
  16. Pfft, we put human limits on what we know, whos to say we cant? Math? Science? these are just human thoughts
  17. i think your right, can i try to summerise with the theroy i think is right?

    Time travel is possible, but its not instant, its time being differnt you, so u could travel back in time say, 4 days but u may experince 4 mins, and the same forward.

    so basic you exsist in space and time, but your just experincing it differntly.

    is that what you mean? cos thats how i see it.

    EDIT: oh and if we can travel back thru time fate is sealed right? because the moment we can come back to this point in time we know that we cant change the future
  18. unless the multiverse theory is true at which point it doesn't matter what we do ever, b/c we know the other choices are being made somewhere else.
  19. paul davies, a quantum gravitionalist who has many theories on Time travel says quantum physics fully allows for time travel, and he compiled a few physicists ideas about it, like Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking etc. and put toghther a book on how to build a time machine, its correctly titled as 'How to build a time Machine' by Paul Davies its a short book but good and easy to follow for someone who might not nkow the basics of quantum mechanics
  20. I'll tell you this...you can travel to the past but can't travel to the future. If that guy really was from the future it is possible. He was just visiting the past.

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