time to turn over a new leaf wanna help?

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  1. hey city, im starting my t break tomorrow, and figured id need alot to keep me distracted/ busy. im wanting to start working out, but i know i dont eat right, and not smoking anymore wont help with that. whats the essential nutrients and minerals and things i need to maintain a healthy, constantly building and improving bill of health? im 6'1" 165 lbs. and want to take advantage of it. everyone tells me im a handsome guy, yet i havent been laid in like 6 months. i dont doanything but sit at the house play bass and smoke, and chill with friends/ talk about life/ death/ the universe. ive been in a marijuana encased shell for years now and im ready to take the world by storm. any advice on a diet and workout plan would be greatly appreciated. i plan to work my upper body on a daily basis, somehow, as well as run a couple miles every other day to get my toxins out as quickly as possible. anyways thats it, hope to hear back from you guys. peace, tapper. :D
  2. just run on the elliptical everyday for 20 minutes for 2 weeks that will jump start you.

    then just start with machines and do a monday weds friday schedule

    for example:

    mon- forarm, bicep, shoulders, ABDOMINAL

    weds- chest, lats(pullups or rows), lower/upper back, ABDOMINAL

    fri- calf, thigh, buttocks, ABDOMINAL

    i put abs in there everyday so do stuff like sit ups with body weight and high reps

    tues thurs + sat or sun do cardio, either elliptical or running

    for your workout days make sure your doing at least 4 sets of 8 repetitions for each excercise at a good weight (last two rep should be HARD)

    for diet make sure you eat breakfast every morning eggs and/or oatmeal is perfect make sure to eat a little fruit to get your blood sugar up

    the rest it depends on wiether you need to lose fat or trying to gain alot of muscle if your trying to lose fat dont eat that many carbs and the carbs you do eat should be from whole wheat or oat products if your want alot of muscle fast eat lots of carbs but still make sure they are "good" carbs like whole wheat etc...

    i could go into alot more detail but its all depends on where your at now and what your goals are
  3. also congrats on wanting to turn a new leaf and also also buy whey protien and drink it within 20min of your workout
  4. Iam very intrestedin this, I started my T break and bored outta my mind, I wanna work out, not get super buff, but tone everything, mostly upper body, its hard becuz I have noone to work out with so I start slacking, what so you reccomend I can start (roitine wise)

    I have :

    Perfect pushups thingys - I can do 20 pushups
    2- 30lb dumbells
    A monkey bar for pull ups
    Annd some cheapy bar w/ wights that prob bout 60lbs
    jump rope
    Punching bag
    And the will to dedicate myself

    I need to oviously start on a good nutrition diet, but was seeking some direction on a routine.

    And hopefully within next month I can join a Wing chan class

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ive read other threads but not really info that helpe! Me out much.

    Dont mean to thread-jack OP! I just notice were both in the same situation and didnt wanna make another thread, and figured we both could use the info.
  5. kushlord i appreciate it dude, exactly what i was looking for. + rep
    i weigh 165, and im 6'1" so im pretty damn skinny in my upper body, however my legs are huge, idk why always have been. ideally id like to resemble bruce lee circa 1980. but we'll see how that goes.

  6. Actually you can drink it whenever you want.
  7. yeah pretty much what i said to OP

    to both of you:

    people underestimate situps and pushups if your consistent 5-6 days a week increasing reps every week youll get ripped.

    If your starting with literally almost no muscle like i was, the hardest part is just gaining some musccle so you can start really working out. Just remember the first two weeks are the hardest because theres alot of built up latic acid and it will hurt for a bit but it gets easier i promise.

    once you get some muscle on you and starting getting more experienced just google search proper form on excersises, or "dumbell workouts" or "bicep workouts", for example.

    once your starting to feel more comfortable in your workouts, squatting, bench press and power cleans/clean and press(look up how to do) are going to build you the most muscle. squatting literally almost works every single muscle in your body

  8. its more effective within 20 minutes and if you can drink it whenever you want might as well drink it within 20 minutes
  9. Either invest in olympic standard equipment or go to a gym. Use more free weights than machines, and work out a healthy diet. Ensure these things are in your diet

    Fish - Salmon with the skin on is preferred but change it up often
    Brown rice
    Whole wheat
    Fruits and vegetables
    1 or 2% milk
    Canned tomato products - for a chilli or meatsauce

    Begin supplementing with a daily multivitamin as well. After you have all of this under control start taking a fish oil supplement. You should be feeling great. Once you have finished all of this and been working out regularly begin thinking about taking other supplements. A whey isolate is probably the best if you're not interested in bulking out and mix in a half serving of creatine as well.

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