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  1. I got this plants seed from Yoda OG.. I Think it's chemdawg. Anyways, it's about 14 inches tall, and in that 2 gallon smart pot.. I did a transplant about a month or so ago from a 2 gallon plastic pot, at the initial transplant the root system was probably 4-5 inches radius from stem... so noe that the plants bigger, the root system is as well, but I keep reading how people grow 4 foot trees on 2 gal pots.. I just have. Wen looking at the plant and am like ok the plant is almost double the length of the pot, but does it matter? Like the stem isn't even thick yet.. any advice or tips on anything? It's growing decently but slow, compared to my big 30 inch plant in ground.. m wondering if I transplant to a 3gal will it shoot out and flourish.

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  2. I'd say its looking ready to size up. Its really up to you though. But yea, it wouldn't be harmful in any way if you did, or you didn't. But you will need to size up eventually. So why not
  3. Exactly what a I was thinking my man.. But I think I'm gonna wait like 1-2 more weeks, I just did a little lst today, so I don't want to stress it to much ya know
  4. Slight lst, not to harsh

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  5. Wait two weeks then up-pot.
    Got room for 5 gallon containers?
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  6. 5 gallons is wayy to much. Tops I've been told is 3 gallon pot. But I'm new 2 growing so I could be wrong

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  7. Yesssir, I'm in backyard, pretty concealed, no neighbs behind me and so yea I do.. It's so little, the stem; trying to find solution lol.. But yea was gonna wait 2 weeks.. why do you recommend that bro?
  8. There's an old saying: More root means more fruit.
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  9. See post # 8
    The plants gently swaying in the breeze will cause the stem or stalk to toughen up.
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  10. Yew that's if your trying to grow a tree lol.. I think I'm gonna wait 2 weeks then go up to 3 gal and let it run its course
  11. And that's just the thing my big plant stem is 1 inch in width. While the one in pot is like .4 maybe .5 inch.. i have a fan going plus its pretty breezy here..
  12. The stem will strengthen. If need be, use stakes as support.
    You'll need 'em anyway to support all the buds you'll have later :ey:
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  13. I topped it a couple mo.ths ago, so I have 2 stakes, tied each top to a stake and slightly push

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