Time to transplant again?

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  1. Hey brothers I have some 3-4 week old plants that have seemed to stop growing the last few days and was wondering if it was time to transplant them into bigger pots? It's northern lights indica and they do seem to be pushing out now and I just topped them two days ago. Only thing is I have 3 other seedlings 2 weeks behind that I kinda want to incorporate into the flower room as well so big pots will take up needed space. The roots are starting to appear at the bottom of the pot as well. My plan is to grow larger plants out for about ten more days then sex them. I can move seedlings and give them about 125 watts of light if you think that's enough. Thanks fellas

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  2. May want to transplant soon, at least prior to flowering. If you topped them 2 days ago, give them another day or 2 to recover nd resume normal growth. Looks heast stressed and/or overwatered. This will slow recovery time as well. Jm$.02
  3. Yeah might be over watered. Im going to cut back on the watering it doesn't get above 77 in the grow room thank you

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