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  1. do you think i should top her or wait another week? she's about 19 days old now.

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  2. topping is up to you.. i topped mine becuz i didnt want it to get any taller. being a sativa my plant would not stop growing taller. that looks like a indica which grow short and bushy.
    topping with make it bush out. if not then it will just grow a taller. up to you
  3. also think about your grow space becuz flowering can make them almost double in size
  4. Since it's an indica you think if I just didn't top it I'd get more buds outta it? I'm growing in a fairly big area. I read toppi g could increase buds
  5. topping it makes it bush out..so makes sense topping it could increase buds.... bushing creating more nodes more nodes equals more bud spots to grow. but i have also read that the buds are smaller... but i dont know for sure. id say let it grow like 1 more week see what it looks like.
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    Topping is generally done to increase the number of main cola's. I have 4 going right now, I topped 2 and FIM'd the other 2 (first attempt at FIM). Both the topped ones took great and have 2 strong main stems/cola's a piece. The 2 I FIM'd turned out well also, 1 turned out with 4 main cola's and the other has 2 (well, there is a 3rd but it didn't develop well and is small). So, from topping and FIM'ing I increased my main cola's from 4 to 10, possibly 11.

    Edit: The cola's will be a little smaller if compared to a single cola plant but you have more cola's so you will have a lot larger yeild. What I do is top/FIM at 4-5 nodes, then let them recover for about 2 weeks and start a light LST. This method is working for me so far because I get the extra cola's and a bunch of extra nodes from the LST. The key, if you go this route, is to do a light LST that way you don't turn those new cola's into smaller nodes.... make sense?
  7. By topping, after the top growth gets cut off it takes a while to recover and ceases to grow upwards allowing the lower nodes to continue to grow and make it look like its "bushing" out.

    then after it recovers you have two heads that form slightly smaller colas,

    you can top after the 4th node set, and maybe wanna go easy on the N, leaves look a litle darker then favorable
  8. so ya guys think since it's already bushy I should just not top unless it starts to get a lot less bushy?

    And yeah I tested it and the n is high, I havent added nutes yet though I transplanted to fox farm ocean forest like 4 days ago so do you think maybe it's just getting used to the soil?
  9. What soil were yyou in before
  10. Unfortunately miricalgro organic. I thought it was all I could fund and then read how bad it is. So I found somefox an transplanted. After I transplanted it looked really bad but it started looking better (in the picture)
  11. yeah that could be the prob.

    All that shit from the miracle grow plus all the good shit in the FF

    I wouldnt add nutes for awhie

  12. Ah damn true do you think it'll recover? Things are looking better since I moved to fox farm. And yeah I have veg nutes and flowering ones so I'll wait til I move to flowering til I add the bloom nutes
  13. Yeah it will recover, and good idea

    Fox farms is like the best soil

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