Time to take a t-break... but...

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  1. I have been smoking every day for the past year or so, and for about 3 months I have been smoking multiple times each day. I'm going through weed pretty fast, and I'm not getting nearly as high. With that being said, I am thinking about a 2 week t-break.

    A girl at school gave me a pill of Xanax (if I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure it was that...). I went to the bathroom and railed it. That was my first time railing anything. All I have ever done was weed.

    Now, I wouldn't plan on doing xanax every day, but I yeah don't remember what I was saying.

    Damn mirror across the room doesn't help, I find myself staring at it while I'm typing this.

    Okay, back to my point. Has anyone done some kind of other drug while taking a t-break from weed?

    Is xanax a good idea?

    (I know this should go in PB, but I would like the opinions of the average grass city user!

    Peace out!:wave:
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    all you're doing is replacing one substance with another, so on that level, no its not a good idea.

    will it get you high for 2weeks while you take a t-break? yes.

    just watch it, because while you don't see yourself doing it every day, today, that doesn't mean you won't change your mind. In much the same way you found yourself smoking daily and then multiple times a day and then burning through your weed too fast, it can happen with xanax just as it can happen with anything you find pleasurable
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    Do it every other day, do mild amounts of DXM or something too.
  4. My boy is having me try some DXM tonight :) (first time doing that as well).

    If I took 2 milligrams before school, you think I would be okay?
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    Dude,quit EVERYTHING.Don't start popping Xanax just becouse you quit smoking and want to get high.That is pretty fucking dumb.You do know how bad Xanax withdrawal is right?You do know tolerance raises alot higher alot faster than weed in most cases right?You know alot about Xanax?What class of drug it is?

    I think you need to study the drug in which you plan on doing.If you think you can do Xanax like weed without anything happening you are very wrong.

    Your kidding me right?2 mg's of DXM.Come the fuck on now.Dude you need atleast 10 mg's for it to help with anything that it is meant for and around 300-900 mg's for a trip.You NEED to learn about drug's my dude.If not your going to get hurt.

    I am not one for sayong someone shouldnt put what they want in thier own body but damn bro,learn about drug's before you end up ruining your life over them.
  6. I have done research on it, and I have learned many things I didn't know, I agree with you. And the withdraw's seem bad.

    But I meant 2 mg of Xanax, not dxm.
  7. oh I see now,okay sorry for that other shit I said.I just don't like it when someone take's a drug they know nothing about.I have had people close to me die from it so.Look at me trying to make excuses.Anyway's I would say if you want to take the 2mg's of Xanax.I really wouldnt do it in school as you have not done it much.I have done xanax at least 300 time's.The withdrawal's for Xanax are very bad.They can kill you.

    I would not make a habit of it but if you are having trouble quitting the weed take the xanax for 2-3 day's after you have stopped using then quit taking the xanax.You DO NOT want to be hooked on Xanax as if you think Marijuana can be bad you have not a clue.I would say 1-2 mg's as you have not done it much in the past.
  8. Shroom.

    Its pleasent, non-addictive, and won't show up on a drug test.

    Happy trails. :)
  9. I would say DXM is your most viable choice of drug. It's legal and potentially harmless if dosed right. Painkillers and opiates are what I would consider a much more dangerous drug than weed. Maybe try some salvia, but be careful. It can be very...psychedelic.
  10. My God not Xanax. It's more addicting than a Harry Potter book.

    If you're looking to trip balls, try Mushrooms, LSD, Salvia, and possibly DXM.

    If you want to get messed up, try Alcohol or Ecstasy (In great moderation).


  11. Indeed DXM is very safe. Sometimes I do it before school, 5-6 pills usually let me have a decent buzz, noticeable feeling, but not too bad.
  12. Hydrocodone (Adderall) + weed = baked!

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