Time to start flushing?

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  1. She's about 8 weeks into flower and she hasn't really been swelling up been the hairs are starting to turn brown so I'm pretty sure it's time to start flushing and should be looking forward to harvest pretty soon, although I might be wrong. Does anyone else have any input on this for me please?

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  2. here's some more pics, another thing to mention is that she really doesn't smell much at all, if I get close then I can smell her but other than that nothin

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  3. Some phenotypes wont have a strong smell to them. Honestly she doesnt look quite ready yet. What kind of lighting do you use?
  4. That needs at least 3 more weeks with nutes. There are many white hairs left and colas still have not swollen up or gotten fat. Keep it growing but don't flush just yet. Keep feeding her bloom nutes and the added time will pay off in the end.
  5. okay, thanks I appreciate the information, I was about to start flushing xD I'm use 2 100 watt CFL's
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    I'm happy to hear that the buds are going to swell because as of now, I would probably only get a little over a quarter off the plant... I want AT LEAST a half ounce and an ounce would be a great harvest for me, as of now I think I'm gonna be disappointed.

    Also, doesn't the fact that she's already 8 weeks in bother anyone? I hear of people harvesting around this time mark and your saying I need another 3 weeks of giving nutes? That's another 5 weeks till harvest at least
  7. Yeah you said you are 8 weeks into flower.. Is that from when you switched to 12/12 or from when you seen the first pistils? That just dosen't look like a plant thats 8 weeks into flower.
  8. Them buds don't lookto big at all for being 8 weeks. My plant is 4 weeks into flower and her buds are triple that size

  9. 8 Weeks from when I seen the first pistils.
  10. We cant really guess how long until she is done without knowing the genetics. Some strains take 8 some take 12 or even more just depends. You should invest in a scope to check the trichs with, trichs tell you all you really need to know.
  11. Yes I would agree to check the trics, but anyone who knows anything about growing will see this plant needs much more time. Thats crazy long to not have bigger bud production though man, maybe not enough light or flowering nutes.
  12. Hm, I thought 2 CFL's would be good enough for one plant for sure! And I'm using miracle-gro bloom nutes
  13. Growing with cfl's will add weeks onto the expected finish times. keep feeding that bitch, and let her do her thing. Get yourself a 30x magnifyer. Checking trich color is really the best way to decide when to harvest.
  14. Well thats your problem right there man, thats not nearly enough light for a plant that is flowering. I use at least 4 bigger cfls (42watt) or 5-6 smaller ones (23 watt) to flower. Make sure you are using 2700k
  15. How many watts do u have on her u said 100w or is that what they are equivelant to
  16. Ah, maybe I'll tack a couple more on there then, I'll also keep pumpin her with nutes for a few more weeks, the wait is such a struggle! It's already been so long.
  17. Each one is 100w
  18. U got to have patience when growing mj
  19. I know the feeling lol, I have been flowering for 7 weeks and it feels like forever!! Patience is key with growing dank buds.
  20. U sure its not 42 watts equivelant to 100 w. A lot of people make that mistake

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