Time to start Flowering??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by phishisgroovin, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I am currently growing one plant in a closet. The plant is about 15 inces tall and has a very very strong stem and very nice leaves. Some leaves of 5 are bigger then my hand. We have a lot of new growth continuing and yes i do have fan blowing to help keep the plant cool and the air circulating. Also we have over 160 Watts of fluros on it. I was wondering how tall i should let this plant go before i switch over to flowering?? Also the bigger the plant gets will it produce more bud then?? My grow room is about 3 feet by 4 feet and when i start flowering i hope to have about 240 watts of fluro....will this be enough??
  2. the bigger it is...the more light u will need.

    i think its time to switch it so u can complete the grow with what u got and watch the progression. then when u get a few more grows under ur belt...u can move ur lights up a level to HPS. because u have enough light to veg but on the low end to flower.

    also...dont expect much this time around...need HPS to get the weight.

    but that is the way just about everyone started...floro's in the closet :)
  3. don't let them grow too big in flower as they will grow twice as big in flowering, learnt the hard when i grew 24 till 3ft plus them fuckers grew 8 feet tall, luckly i had the room but with high plants, they need more light to cover them,

    keep them small and concentrate all your light on a smaller area and its going to be bushier and yeild as much a a much taller plant with the same amount of light

    just me ranting

  4. cool...thanks for all the advice.
  5. hey started the 12/12 lighting today. how long til i start to see some of the bud/flower start growing?? also i have some bloom booster when should i apply this?? thanks.

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